As previously reported, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens headlined Saturday’s WWE live event in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in a “Montreal Street Fight,” which Zayn won.

After the match, Zayn cut a passionate promo about the long history between himself and fellow Quebec native Kevin Owens, pointing out that as far as he is concerned, Saturday night’s event and the match he had with Owens in Montreal “was his WrestleMania.”

Video footage has surfaced of Zayn’s post-match promo, which you can check out via a fan-shot video from Twitter below.

“Everybody here knows exactly how long the story between you and me goes,” said Zayn during the promo on Saturday night. “It started 14 years ago in Montreal. In every church basement and every community hall, it was you and me, and you and me, until we took it to the U.S., ’till we took it to England, ’till we took it all around the word, ’till now, where we’re the main event in Montreal!”

Zayn continued on as Owens got emotional himself and got on the mic. After a pause, Owens told Zayn, in French, “Sami, I f—— hate you” and went backstage. To which Zayn responded, “Yeah, I kinda figured as much”

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