Jim Ross recently spoke on WWE’s current broadcast team, and believes that Byron Saxton is in a good position to get over big with the fans. In an interview with Wrestle Rant Radio, Ross says Saxton should take advantage of all the TV time he’s currently getting.

“In WWE, more so than in most broadcasting, look is important, so that’s why Byron Saxton has such a presence, he’s on both shows. He’s getting a tremendous amount of exposure and an amazing opportunity to really break through because he’s got a great look, he’s intelligent and he’s well-spoken,” Ross said. “He needs to be becoming a star right now because he’s got an opportunity on two prime time television shows a week to get over. And he’ll get over by getting talent over.”

The WWE Hall of Famer also talked about his time doing commentary for NXT. Ross says he enjoyed working with the younger talent without the “politics” of WWE’s main brands RAW & SmackDown.

“I enjoyed doing the work down there because it was pure,” Ross said of NXT. “It was a situation where it was all about the product. The politics were melded away, there wasn’t a lot of pretense. It was very straightforward and positive. The kids were bright-eyed they wanted to learn, their minds were open. They saw opportunity awaiting them, so it was a very refreshing, positive environment to be around. I’ll tell you that in my last several years in WWE, my favorite thing to do was go to Florida and work with the NXT kids because that’s the future of the business. WWE has no investment in their company more important than their Performance Center. WWE runs on two things: talent and television. Without a stream of new stars being developed, they’re in big, big trouble. I had a great time down there and loved being around that environment.”

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