While many WWE Superstars who made the media rounds to promote Thursday’s premiere episode of WWE SmackDown on the USA Network went above-and-beyond to find ways to describe why the change is going to be a big deal for the program and for WWE itself, the new franchise player for the company took a bit of a different approach.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns spoke with the Associated Press and was refreshingly honest about the “changes” that came with the show switching their weekly cable home.

“I wish I could say (USA Network) makes a huge difference and it’s a super positive move and everyone’s so pumped about it,” Reigns said to The Big Story’s Dan Gelston. “But as a competitor, all I need is the ropes and hopefully people show up in the arena. From a wrestling standpoint, not too much has changed for us.”

After Gelston pointed out the fact that in the past stars such as John Cena and the McMahon family would rarely appear on SmackDown, giving fans the perception that it was WWE’s “B-show” that could be skipped while RAW was the “A-show” that had can’t-miss storylines, Reigns was quick to give a very brief opposing opinion.

“I don’t look at it as any less of a show, it’s pretty much the same talent,” Reigns said.

WWE SmackDown now airs every Thursday night on the USA Network at 8pm EST.

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