WWE sent out the latest Fan Council survey on Monday night looking to find out why the show is losing so many viewers and ways to improve the overall product.

– How often do you typically watch Raw?

– Which other video streaming services do you subscribe to?

– How have your viewing habits of Raw changed compared to the past?

– Which of the following ways do you watch Raw? (Choices include WWE Network, WWE App, Live, Highlights on WWE.com or social media, record and watch later, Hulu)

– Which of the following describes how many hours of Raw you tend to watch during any given week? (Choices include Less/at least an hour, at least two hours, entire episode)

– Before Raw airs, how frequently do you check to see which Superstars or Divas are going to appear on Raw?

– Who in your household also watches Raw?

– How often do you see advertisements about upcoming episodes of Raw?

– Where do you see advertisements about upcoming episodes of Raw?

– Do you ever change the channel during an episode of Raw (including during commercial breaks)?

– Do you ever fast forward during recorded episodes of Raw?

– What are some reasons why you fast-forward during recorded episodes of Raw? (Choices include Commercial breaks, match not exciting, Superstar/Diva not interested in, backstage interviews, talking segments)

– What is the primary reason you fast forward during recorded episodes of Raw?

– In general, do you watch Monday Night Football?

– Do you usually watch Raw for the same amount of time each week?

– How well do you like each segment of Raw?

  • In-ring talking segments
  • Backstage interviews
  • Matches
  • Video packages
  • Superstar/Diva entrances
  • Backstage interactions between Superstars/Divas

– Thinking about Raw episodes over the last few months following SummerSlam, how you would rate Raw on the following metrics

  • Entertaining from start to finish
  • Storylines
  • Providing unexpected moments
  • Quality of matches
  • Level of entertainment
  • Athleticism of Superstars/Divas
  • Variety of Superstars/Divas featured

– Typically, do you think each of the following segments of Raw are given too much, not enough or just the right amount of time

  • Superstars/divas in-ring promos to build storylines
  • Talking segments about what is coming up
  • Talking segments from commentators about what has happened
  • Backstage interviews
  • Backstage interactions
  • Divas/Superstar matches
  • Matches that don’t affect storylines
  • Main Event matches
  • Matches that affect storylines
  • Championship matches
  • Recaps of previous episodes

– If you were aware matches were going to appear during a specific hour of Raw before the airing of the show, would you be more likely to tune into Raw during that hour?

– How would the inclusion of the following ideas impact your interest in viewing Raw more often?

  • Specialty matches
  • Time spent addressing the fans
  • Championship matches
  • Celebrity guest appearances
  • Celebrity guests included in matches
  • Legends appearances
  • Legends included in matches
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