WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was joined by UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier on his latest “Steve Austin Show” podcast, and during the show, Austin and D.C. addressed the recent controversy surrounding Dana White and his recent Twitter war with pro wrestling fans regarding his use of the “F” word (fake), when referring to the sports entertainment business.

On the Steve Austin Show — Unleashed! podcast, the UFC President was brought up during the interview and in particular his comments last weekend regarding WWE being “fake,” a remark White made when a fan complained about the price of a UFC pay-per-view compared to a subscription to the WWE Network “over-the-top” digital service, which includes all WWE pay-per-view offerings for only $9.99 per month.

Despite the fact that he still has a working relationship with WWE to this day under a “WWE Legends” contract, including an additional deal that calls for a semi-regularly scheduled program on the aforementioned WWE Network service, Steve Austin defended the comments made by White, as opposed to “towing the company line.”

“I know Dana [White] is from the world of boxing and MMA, but I know he respects the world of professional wrestling,” Austin said during the show. “I thought that was his way of saying, ‘It’s a work’ [predetermined form of athletic entertainment] because there’s a difference.”

Austin elaborated, pointing out the differences in MMA and pro wrestling, and pointing out that fans should both understand the difference in the price point, as well as understand what White meant when he made the comments that resulted in him taking a ton of heat from die-hard pro wrestling fans on social media.

“Is it fake? It’s predetermined,” said Austin. “It’s a work! So I don’t think [White] meant any disrespect to the business because I’ll say this, Daniel [Cormier]: I’ll take you, I’ll take Jon Jones, I’ll take the heavyweight champion of the world, I’ll take the bantamweight champion of the world, I’ll take any of you guys who want to go on the road for two years and be on the road for 250 days and go through that grind and you’ll never say ‘fake’, but what you will say, ‘It’s tough as hell!’
He continued:

“Fake, Dana? Not so much. A work? Yes, and I’m not saying that to put Dana on blast because I love him, I love the UFC, and he has always treated me well and always got me tickets when I got to see you fight in [Las] Vegas, so he’s always taken care of me but I think he does respect the business, and, hell, one of his biggest draws [Brock Lesnar] came from the world of pro wrestling.”


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