WWE taped this week’s episode of SmackDown on Tuesday night from the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. Here are the ongoing spoiler results, courtesy of ProWrestling.net – keep checking back for the latest update:

– The show opened with a Seth Rollins promo. He said he won’t need J&J on Sunday, nor will he need the gatekeeper Kane to help him. Kane interrupted and told Seth that he isn’t just a corporate executive, he’s either the biggest asset or the biggest threat to Seth’s title reign. Seth was confident that Kane would be fired if he cost Seth the title in Sunday. Seth said Triple H only put Kane in that role so he wouldn’t feel left out. Seth said Kane isn’t a monster, he’s a suit. Seth mocked Kane for losing to Cena on Raw and said that Kane should stick to doing what he’s told to do. Kane suggested that since he laid down for Seth, it’s time for Seth to return the favor. Kane said that he has Seth’s fate in his hands, and then ordered a referee out for a non-title match.

– Seth Rollins vs. Kane in a non-title match ended in a no-contest. The bell rang and the match was apparently underway. However, Seth refused and Kane didn’t attack him, he simply said that if Seth respects the Authority he’ll do what he’s told. Seth didn’t want to do it, but Kane ordered him to lay down or he’d rip his guts out. Seth laid down, and Kane told him that he was just messing with him. He then made Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose official for right now.

– Dean Ambrose made his entrance, but halfway down the ramp Luke Harper’s music hit. Harper and Ambrose brawled around until the numbers game got the better of Ambrose. Roman Reigns made the save and helped clear the ring. Ambrose and Reigns bumped fists to close the segment. The Tron revealed Reigns and Ambrose vs. Rollins and Harper would take place later. Ryback vs. Rusev was hyped for later as well…

– Neville and Dolph Ziggler beat Bad News Barrett and Sheamus. Before the match, Sheamus cut a promo about how small Neville and Ziggler are. He said size matters, underdogs never win, and Ziggler will need a ladder to kiss his arse on Sunday. The finish came when Dolph hit the Zig Zag on BNB and Neville followed up with the Red Arrow.

– Bray Wyatt spoke of fear in his latest video promo.

– Naomi pinned Natalya in Divas action.

– Ryback beat Rusev (w/Lana) by DQ. Pre-match, Lana cut a promo on the cultural significance of Russian chains. Rusev said he’s going to use the chain to drag John Cena around and expose his failure to everyone. The match went pretty long at an unspectacular pace until Rusev hit Ryback with the chain and the ref called for the bell. Post-match, Rusev used the chain to apply The Accolade on Ryback. The Russian flag dropped and Rusev stood tall to close the segment…

– Backstage, Jamie Noble humorously explained to Seth Rollins how Noble and Luke Harper were distant cousins through marriage. Rollins and J&J bumped into a stoic Harper, who was very unhappy about having his concentration interrupted. He warned Rollins not to get in his way…

– Kofi Kingston (w/Big E, Xavier Woods) defeated Cesaro (w/Tyson Kidd). Pre-match, New Day cut a promo saying that they’re like medicine in that they might not go down so easily, but they’ll cure whatever ails you. This went all of about one minute. Kofi pinned Cesaro off a distraction and the Trouble in Paradise…

– Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins and Luke Harper. Kane was ringside for this one. The crowd was big into Reigns, chanting his name loudly during the get in Ambrose and coming unglued for the hot tag. Really good action in the second half with everyone getting some time to shine. In the end, Reigns speared Rollins for the clean win to a monster ovation. The show will likely end with Ambrose and Reigns celebrating.

Post-match, Sheamus and Bad News Barrett hit the ring. They, along with Rollins and J&J put a beat down on the babyfaces until Ziggler and Neville made the save. Big Show came out and made Neville, Ziggler, and Ambrose look like total geeks. Reigns and the babyfaces took a beating from all of the heels until finally the babyfaces managed to clear the ring and Show was left to take a Spear, two superkicks (one from Ambrose which was hilariously awkward), and the Red Arrow to send the crowd home happy.

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