– UFC President Dana White spoke to the Fight Network over the weekend and clarified that Brock Lesnar does not have any fights remaining on his previous UFC deal, which some fight fans have been speculating. This means Lesnar will be free to negotiate with UFC and Bellator if he does not sign a new contract with WWE by WrestleMania.

– Big Show was a guest on the Beneath The Mat podcast. Big Show talked about a number of topics, including breaking into the industry, his relationship with Triple H, his character turning babyface/heel so many times over the years, why he thinks it’s going to be an uphill battle for Roman Reigns and more.

– Roman Reigns has been getting mostly positive reactions at WWE’s recent live events, despite the backlash we’ve been seeing on WWE television over the past week or so.

* What The Rejection Of ROMAN REIGNS Really Means (Editorial)

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