Doink the Clown was a clown. He did clown things. Like make children cry, and cheat to win pro wrestling matches with the help of a doppelganger hiding under the ring. Wait a minute clowns don’t do that. Clowns don’t have doppelgangers.

WWF Superstars 5/1/93 (Tucson Convention Center)
King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Mr Perfect vs. Doink

Wrestling Challenge 5/16/93 (America West Arena)
King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Mr Perfect vs. Doink

Raw 5/24/93 (Manhattan Center)
King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Mr Perfect vs. Doink

Here’s a question; how is it that these two got match after match to qualify, but Shawn Michaels and Crush got one shot and were both out after their draw? Doesn’t seem fair. Ironically Doink would cost Crush the Intercontinental Title on that show.

Really liked how the three matches start off. In the first match Doink hides behind the ring steps and attacks Perfect from behind on the floor. In the second match Perfect hit the ring first so this time it was him who attacked Doink on the floor before the match began. In the third match Perfect comes to the ring second, and as he did his usual routine of jumping over the top rope and throwing his towel to the referee Doink jumped him and started to choke him out with the towel. These matches get a lot more heated than one would expect from Doink. Thinking about Doink what most people come away with is how super cartoony he was. That and the midget clowns. However, Matt Bourne, the wrestler under the makeup, had a long career in many territories portraying an eclectic array of characters. He was a tag champ in World Class with Buzz Sawyer. He danced with bears in WCW. So he can do it all really. So it should come as no surprise how heated this matches became.

Mr Perfect’s plan to defeat Doink was to work the legs. Not sure why. Doink isn’t bigger than him. Working the legs doesn’t set up the Perfectplex. Let it be said that Doink sells the shit out of it though. Bourne really sold the leg work all the way through. Doink went the straight cheating route and that ended up with his downfall. Doink’s big gimmick was that there was more than one Doink. A second Doink would always run in and cause shenanigans. It backfired this time. After going to two draws Doink tries to pull the old switcheroo and it was Doink II that ate the Perfectplex and got pinned. That’ll teach ya clown.

Rating and Results

WWF Superstars 5/1/93
Mr Perfect fought Doink to a time limit draw at 6;39 (Star Rating: **)

Wrestling Challenge 5/16/93
Mr Perfect fought Doink to a time limit draw at 7:03 (Star Rating: **1/2)

Raw 5/24/93
Mr Perfect defeated Doink at 15:00 via pinfall with the Perfectplex. Mr Perfect advanced to the King of the Ring tournament (Star Rating: ***1/2)

Welp that does it for our look at an evil clown’s battle with a flawless man. For out next trick we’ll take a look at an outside invasion where the invaders actually win some matches but then lose in the end. So you know that there is no way it took place in America. Next Time: Yuji Nagata and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Pro Wrestling NOAH