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Live from St. Louis, Missouri (Go Rams) this is the Raw Deal for episode #1092. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport.

Raw opened with a video package highlighting the ending of last week’s main event when the Wyatt Family destroyed John Cena.

A steel cage surrounding the ring on Raw to start the show. Cena entered for a promo. Coming up later on Raw it’s the Usos taking on Ryback & Curtis Axel while Stephanie McMahon apologizes to Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton.

Cena had a serious look on his face as he stood in the ring surrounded by the cage and asked “why” did he deserve what happened last week when he had to wrestle in a 3 on 1 handicap match. Fans were chanting “you suck” at him although it wasn’t that loud. He spoke about how in that ring almost ten years ago in St. Louis he was drafted to Raw and it was one of the loudest ovations in his career. That is true. Cena mentioned how things change. Through all of it, good or bad, he’s never abandoned any of us and he’s always put the WWE first. He wondered why fans were drawn to Wyatt. Cena knows that there will come a time when he has to step aside. He’s excited about the future as he mentioned names like Reigns, Cesaro, Rollins and Bryan. Biggest ovation for Bryan. He even mentioned Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn in NXT. Good reactions for both, which is nice to hear. He said Wyatt’s a mystery and that his heart is cold. Cena said Wyatt’s passion isn’t WWE – his passion is Wyatt. Cena said if Wyatt escapes the cage then so does his message because Wyatt will continue to corrupt and manipulate.

Wyatt’s graphic cut Cena off as the lights went dark and a bunch of kids was singing “he’s got the whole world in his hands” as the camera remain focused on Cena looking concerned in the ring. A choir of children were standing on the ramp singing the “whole world in his hands” song.

Bray Wyatt showed up with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. They walked down to the ring singing the song. “He’s got the whole Cenation in his hands…” was a new verse that they added to it. “He’s got the big bad monster in his hands…” version as well. There was plenty of singing. The lights went back out. When the lights came on, the kids had the Wyatt Family sheep masks on their faces as they surrounded the ring.

Wyatt had a kid on his lap with a sheep mask and he just laughed repeatedly as Cena had his head buried in his hand. Raw went to break there 16 minutes into the show.

Analysis: Awesome. Loved that. That was one of the most unique opening segments in Raw history. It made sense for Cena to question why the fans voted the way they did on Raw last week and he did a good job explaining why he had to stop Wyatt. Then Wyatt’s entrance with the kids singing the song and wearing the sheep mask was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. I thought it was very well done. It adds to the greatness of Wyatt’s character because nobody else could pull that off. He made it work. I’m looking forward to this match on Sunday.


They replayed what just happened. The announce team of Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and John Bradshaw Layfield discussed the previous segment.

Tag Team Championship: The Usos vs. Curtis Axel & Ryback

Ryback overpowered Jey with a body slam, but he missed a splash and the Usos dumped him out of the ring. Axel was sent out of the ring too. The Usos hit dives over the top to take them out. One of The Usos grabbed his ankle, so it looks like a story to tell during the match. They went to break with everybody on the floor for the vintage floor to commercial break.


It is Jey Uso that’s selling the injured ankle as Axel and Ryback isolated Jimmy in their corner. JBL suggested The Usos took the countout win. Jey was looked at by the doctor, but he made his way on the apron. Axel and Ryback made some quick tags to keep Jimmy in their corner. Jimmy fought out of it by suplexing Axel onto Ryback in a creative spot. Jimmy crawled to the corner and Jey tagged in. Jey hit a cross body block off the top for two. Jey hit a Samoan Drop for two, but then he favored his left leg. Corner butt splash for two by Jey. Ryback tagged in and hit a Spinebuster for two. Ryback went for a corner charge, but Jey nailed him with a superkick with his right foot. Awesome nearfall right there. Huge clothesline by Ryback. Ryback went for Shellshock, but Jey countered to a rollup for two. Jimmy made a blind tag. Ryback was sent to the floor. Axel hit a Perfectplex on Jey and that led to Jimmy hitting a top rope splash for the win after 11 minutes. JBL made a mistake on commentary by saying we’ve only had three tag champs in the past year. He mentioned The Shield, Rhodes Brothers and Usos, but forgot the New Age Outlaws.

Winners by pinfall: The Usos

Analysis: *** That was a solid match. I like how they told a story within the match by having Jey sell the leg injury through the majority of it. They really made it look like a title change may happen, but in the end The Usos worked together to pull out the win. It’s a good sign to see a quality tag title match on TV like that. I’m a huge fan of The Usos as a team and I hope they get a real tag team feud soon. As for Ryback & Axel, they’re doing well too. Keep them together.

The announce team mentioned that Extreme Rules won’t be available on DirecTV or Dish Network, but it’s on WWE Network. While that could help with WWE Network subscriptions, it is a blow to lose PPV placement on DirecTV and Dish Network too.

Hugh Jackman is there and Reigns/Orton is coming up too.


There was another Adam Rose commercial on his party bus talking about how he would be on Raw next week.

In the dressing room, Paul Heyman was talking with Cesaro about Rob Van Dam. He got mad about what RVD said last week. He mentioned The Undertaker just because he likes to. Heyman admitted that he’s a liar, conniving and ruthless, but he takes his clients to the top.

Analysis: I guess we should just forget about Axel & Ryback not making it to the top as Heyman clients. He did say he is a liar. As long as he can admit it that’s okay with me. Paul is the best.

There was a replay of Daniel Bryan getting destroyed by Kane last week on Raw. Three Tombstones by Kane meant Bryan left the arena on a stretcher. Later on Raw, Stephanie will apologize to Bryan.


Backstage, Kane’s red mask and hair were in a glass case. That was it. Lawler said that it meant the demon was put back in a safe place. So we’re to assume that’s the only mask he has? He’s cheap.

Sheamus entered the arena, but Titus O’Neil attacked him from behind. He slammed Sheamus into the security wall and then into the ring post. O’Neil rolled Sheamus into the ring. The ref broke it up. Sheamus told the ref he was okay.

Titus O’Neil vs. Sheamus

O’Neil was really aggressive in his attack as the ref made him back away. Sheamus was in the corner. He popped out of the corner with a Brogue Kick to knock out Sheamus. The match went about one minute.

Winner by pinfall: Sheamus

Analysis: 1/2* It was a creative angle to have O’Neil attack before the match. They should have used it as a way to get him a quality win over Sheamus. It seemed like that’s where it was going. Instead, Sheamus just knocked him out with the Brogue Kick to win. That didn’t accomplish much although the finish did earn a nice pop.

Hugh Jackman, the star of the new X-Men movie, is up next at the top of hour two.


There was a video package for Bo Dallas telling us to Bolieve. “Take the wheel, take charge and Bolieve.” Thanks Bo.

Dolph Ziggler was in the ring with his t-shirt and a black jacket. It’s a unique look. Ziggler talked about how he’s excited about the newest X-Men movie titled Days of Future Past. They showed clips from the film. Pretty sure the movie will do really well without WWE plugging it, but I don’t blame WWE for getting a major movie star on their show.

Hugh Jackman entered the arena after a nice intro from Ziggler. He received a nice ovation. He said “St. Louis” three times so at least he got the city right. Jackman mentioned hosting Raw a few years back and how much he loved it. What he loves about WWE is that anything can happen. Ziggler set up the clip from September 2011 when Jackman punched Ziggler in the face during his match with Zack Ryder. That was back in Ziggler’s heel days. They put over the moment as a great thing with Ziggler hugging him and then he raised his hand in the ring.

Damien Sandow showed up in a cheap Magneto outfit as the master of magnetism. He said he’s there so we could see him in all his greatness. Sandow called Ziggler a blonde half-wit that is trembling because he’s star struck. Ziggler laughed at Sandow for tripping on his cape. Sandow addressed Jackman as Wolverine. Sandow: “I am Magneto.” Jackman wondered if Sandow made his costume. Sandow: “Behold the power of magnetism.” He tried his hand gesture towards Jackman and then Hugh acted as if he was controlling the microphone via magnetism. Then Hugh threw the microphone at him. Jackman hit a hiptoss on Sandow. Ziggler hit the Zig Zag. That ended the segment.

Analysis: They tried hard, but it wasn’t very good. It took about ten minutes to set that one up. Jackman had the enthusiasm again. It’s just that the segment three years ago was much better. Sandow was booked to be really stupid. He had so much potential as a heel. Now he’s become a comedy figure. It wasn’t even that funny either.

There was a video package about Evolution coming back to face off against The Shield. It also showed what happened on Smackdown when The Shield destroyed 11 guys that were supposed to take them out. Reigns vs. Orton coming up later.


Jack Swagger entered with Zeb Colter as they showed clips from Smackdown. Paul Heyman stood on the ramp to say that his kids think he’s jovial and funny. He said he would tell us a joke. It was a “knock knock” joke that he started with “Mike” and then “my client” led to him mentioning that Brock Lesnar beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Heyman said he wasn’t going to mention Lesnar’s win again. That’s a lie.

Cesaro w/Paul Heyman vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter

It’s a Smackdown rematch. Cesaro was aggressive early, but then Swagger drove him into the security wall. Back in the ring, Swagger threw him into the steel post and then a clothesline. Swagger hit a big boot to the face for two, but Cesaro came back with a suplex. Colter tripped up Cesaro. Heyman attacked Colter by grabbing his mustache. That distracted Swagger. Cesaro hit a bridging German Suplex and covered for the win after three minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Cesaro

Analysis: * That’s it? A bridging German Suplex isn’t a finishing move in 2014, but it was enough to put away Swagger. It would have been nice to see Cesaro hit his finisher. It’s also a shame that their match was so short. Seeing Heyman get cheered for grabbing Colter was definitely different.

There was a replay of Wyatt’s singing with the choir from earlier in the show. Cena did a great job of reacting to it by putting his face in his hand. Then Wyatt just laughed. So evil. So awesome.

Cena was shown walking backstage as Renee Young interviewed him. Cena didn’t even say anything. He just walked away.

Analysis: Cena is officially rattled. Good storyline. I’m enjoying it.


There was another shot of the Kane mask in the case.

Cody Rhodes w/Goldust vs. Alberto Del Rio

Rhodes was aggressive early, but Del Rio got control with a back suplex and a chin lock. Dropkick by Rhodes. Del Rio came back with a tilt a whirl backbreaker for two. Rhodes hit the uppercut punch as well as the kick to the stomach, but Del Rio came back with a punch counter and then a standing side kick to the head. Cross Armbreaker by Del Rio led to the tapout win.

Winner by submission: Alberto Del Rio

Post match, Cody angrily walked up the ramp while Goldust tried to talk to him.

Analysis: * Cody’s doing the “lose matches so you can turn heel” angle, so of course he lost. Del Rio has nothing going for him at this point. The whole purpose of the Goldust/Cody team should have been done with the goal of turning Cody into a babyface. It would be a shame if he ends up a heel again.

Coming up, Stephanie is there to apologize to Bryan.


Backstage, Cesaro was talking to Heyman. We couldn’t hear what they were saying. It was shot in a way to show that they were planning something without letting us hear what it was.

The ridiculously gorgeous Lana was doing her ass and leg show on the top of the ramp. I guess she was talking too. I don’t even notice that part anymore.

Alexander Rusev w/Lana vs. Xavier Woods w/R-Truth

Huge powerslam by Rusev. She told Rusev to crush. He was going for the Accolade, but R-Truth entered to save his partner. It went less than a minute.

Winner by DQ: Alexander Rusev

Truth and Woods attacked him post match. They hit him with some kicks and dropkicks to send him out of the ring.

Analysis: The idea is that Rusev might be in trouble facing both of them in a handicap match. Nobody believes those two can win, nor should they. The most disappointing part of this was that Lana wasn’t on screen for more than five minutes.

They showed clips of John Cena granting wishes #402, 403 and 404 to some Make A Wish kids. That’s awesome. Tuesday is World Wish Day in honor of the Make A Wish foundation.

The lovely Renee Young interviewed Rob Van Dam, who mentioned he’s held the IC Title six times. He’s going to deliver some bad news to Barrett. Zeb Colter showed up to say RVD and him have a common enemy in Paul Heyman. Colter said they should work together to get rid of Heyman. RVD said he had a mind of his own, but he didn’t need to join anybody because he was just going to continue being RVD.

Analysis: Just a basic promo to set up RVD’s match later and what could be a Cesaro/RVD match possibly at Extreme Rules. Shouldn’t they have mentioned the IC Title tourney final more by now? Weird.


Backstage, Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter were talking although we couldn’t hear them.

They announced that Hornswoggle vs. El Torito is taking place at Extreme Rules in a “WeeLC Match.” That’s not a typo.

Los Matadores vs. Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre

There was a distraction outside the ring, so Heath Slater capitalized with a DDT in about two minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre

Yes that’s right, Slater actually won a match. Post match, Hornswoggle missed an attack outside the ring. Torito hit a dive off the top onto Slater.

Analysis: I don’t know who came up with a “WeeLC Match” although I’m sure Vince McMahon thinks it’s hilarious. I’ll probably be skipping the pre-show for my own sanity. Also 3MB actually winning is very rare.

Stephanie McMahon’s apology is up next.

Analysis: That second hour was awful. First hour was pretty good.


This Tuesday on Main Event it’s Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt only on WWE Network.

Stephanie McMahon entered to her hip hop style music. She asked Daniel Bryan to come out to the ring. After a bit of reluctance, Bryan entered the arena in a neck brace as his wife Brie Bella led the crowd in “yes” chants. He wasn’t doing them because he’s in too much pain. His titles were not with him.

There were “Daniel Bryan” and “yes” chants as the WWE Champion said he almost believed Stephanie when she said she wanted Kane to stop except everybody knows that she’s full of crap. “Yes” chants for that. She doesn’t blame him for thinking that way. They never wanted Bryan to be WWE Champion. Bryan mentioned his wife didn’t get involved in things because Brie believed in him. Stephanie wanted to give Bryan a credible opponent at Extreme Rules, but didn’t expect Kane to be like that. Stephanie said she’s seen her husband stretchered out in an arena like Bryan was and on behalf of her family she is sorry. She apologized for everything that happened. “I am truly, truly sorry.” Bryan said that he thinks Stephanie is still full of crap. She encouraged Bryan to get into the ring to look her in the eyes.

Bryan said his head hurts bad and he can’t move his neck. The doctors have cleared him for Extreme Rules. He knows that she thinks Kane will take him out, but he promises her that if Kane takes him down then he’s taking Kane down with him straight to hell.

Stephanie said she hasn’t seen Kane all day. His mask is locked up in her office. Stephanie wanted to provide Brie with an opportunity to face Paige in the ring for the Divas Championship tonight on Raw. Bryan said he’s not going to let Brie walk down to the ring alone. Stephanie said that was cool. She informed Brie that her match was starting right now. Bryan accompanied Brie to ringside.

The camera cut back to the office to show that Kane’s red mask wasn’t there anymore. Uh oh.

Analysis: It was a strong promo from Bryan. He wasn’t out there chanting “yes” or do anything like that. He was selling his injuries as he should have. One part I didn’t like was Bryan saying he can’t move his neck, yet his doctors have cleared him for Sunday. Apparently he has psychic doctors. I’m only teasing. I get that they had to say it that way so fans know he can still wrestle on Sunday. It just felt weird with how they set it up. At least the crowd had something to get excited about after a boring second hour.


Divas Championship: Paige vs. Brie Bella w/Daniel Bryan

This would have worked better if the champ was a heel, but that’s okay. Brie hit a really weak dropkick. Paige did the dreaded hair whip and then a Perfectplex for just two. Lawler wondered if Stephanie just did this to get Brie and Bryan at ringside. Running knee to the face by Brie. Paige hit a superplex off the middle rope. Don’t see that in a divas match often. That was impressive. Kane’s pyro went off to end the match after about two minutes.

Match Result: No Contest

Kane’s music started up, the pyro went off and the arena lights went red. Kane appeared from under the ring. He ripped a hole through the ring and he grabbed Brie’s leg. Bryan tried to fight him off, but he was still hurting. Kane went after Brie again. Bryan hit him with a wrench he found under the ring. Kane sat up soon after. Chokeslam by Kane on Bryan. He went to grab Brie again, but she kicked him away and broke free as Bryan got tended to by doctors.

Analysis: It’s cool to see evil Kane again, but this segment was a bit too cheesy even for a wrestling show. Apparently Paige has the ability to get out of the ring and haul ass out of there while Brie does not. They are trying to really book Bryan as the underdog heading into Sunday’s match. It’s a storyline that works in that regard, but seeing a guy come out from under the ring like that was just bizarre. Where’s he going to take her? Under the ring? Are we supposed to think that the depths of hell are there too? That’s what I mean when I say it was a bit too silly. I don’t expect Bryan to lose on Sunday although they might do something where Kane attacks him after the match to keep the feud going. I don’t see it only getting one PPV match.


They replayed what happened in that previous segment.

Bryan and Brie were getting looked at by the doctor. Stephanie showed up to say she was sorry. Bryan said he’d be at Extreme Rules. Brie: “Get out! You bitch!” Greatest moment of her career.

Another replay of Wyatt’s singing segment from earlier.

The lovely Renee Young finally got to interview John Cena, who apparently doesn’t care about Bryan or Brie. He said there was noise from the crowd and that means there’s hope. Cena said that he had special plans for Extreme Rules. Cena did a comedy promo saying he’s going to buy Wyatt a donkey named Glutius with the idea that Wyatt’s going to have Cena’s fist in his face and his foot in his ass (the donkey).

Analysis: There’s the typical fired up Cena promo that we get before every PPV match. It was a bit silly, but not as silly as his usual promos so I guess it’s an upgrade. It would have been better if he just did a serious promo saying he was motivated to kick Bray’s ass. Not sure if the donkey thing was needed for jokes.

Bad News Barrett showed up on his podium for some bad news. He told RVD that WWE’s slogan is “then, now, forever” while RVD’s slogan should just be “then” because that’s the last time RVD was relevant. He said he was in diapers the last time RVD was IC Champ. He’s in his mid 30s now so he was in diapers in his 20s? I know it was a joke, but that doesn’t mean it a was a good one. He ended it by saying he was B…N…B with the thumb pointing. Match after the break.

Analysis: That was a solid promo by Barrett, who is gaining momentum that is obvious by the crowd reaction to him.


IC Title #1 Contender Tourney Finals: Rob Van Dam vs. Bad News Barrett

RVD was aggressive early on using his athleticism. Barrett hit a back elbow that sent RVD outside the ring. Barrett threw RVD into the announce table. RVD was able to get a nearfall in the ring, but Barrett countered a corner attack by RVD with a kick to the gut. RVD rolled to the floor likely after the ref told him and that led to the vintage floor to commercial break.


Back from break, Winds of Change slam by Barrett for two. Neckbreaker for two. RVD came back with a kick to the jaw, two clotheslines and the spinning kick to the face. Cesaro entered the ringside area. Swagger attacked him, so they started to brawl. RVD was distracted by it. He avoided the Bull Hammer elbow by Barrett and then hit the Rolling Thunder. RVD went to the top rope, but Cesaro distracted him. Barrett hit the Bull Hammer elbow for the win after 12 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Bad News Barrett

Big E was shown watching the match backstage. I almost forgot he was the IC Champ.

Analysis: ** It was an average match. They never really got going with the nearfalls to build to an exciting finish. Barrett wasn’t put over enough as the winner of the tournament. Big E couldn’t even come out to ringside to try to promote a match? The IC Title doesn’t matter a whole lot at this point.

Post match, Cesaro attacked Rob Van Dam. Swagger went into the ring to go after RVD. Gutwrench Powerbomb by Swagger on Cesaro. Swagger went after RVD, but RVD kicked him in the face. RVD hit a Five Star Frog Splash on Cesaro.

Analysis: The rumor was that these three would have a triple threat match at Extreme Rules. That segment set it up.

There was another video package that focused on The Shield from Smackdown.

The Shield did a promo in a hallway talking about how they’re going to take care of Evolution. All three spoke. Reigns basically said his fist is the today, tomorrow and the future. Believe in The Shield.


This Friday on Smackdown it’s Dean Ambrose defending the US Title against Alberto Del Rio, Ryback & Curtis Axel. It’s nice of them to remember the US Title still exists.

The Evolution theme song started up as Randy Orton was in his ring gear while Triple H and Batista were in suits. Triple H said The Shield are starting to remind them of them. Orton said there’s a problem with that and Batista said that they’re still there. Triple H brought them into this world and we’re looking at the three guys that will take them out of it. He said The Shield has to either adapt or perish. The Shield made their entrance.

Ric Flair’s music started up before the match began. He was also rocking a suit. “Is this St. Louis, Missouri?” Crowd cheered. Flair said he’s had a lot of fun in that city. He said it was great being in the ring with men that exude what this business is all about: dominance. Flair spoke about how with the Four Horsemen they controlled the marketplace and the same can be said for Evolution. Flair said he missed seeing Dave out on Saturday night and Orton too. He told Hunter he was always home eating a ribeye steak. Flair mentioned that he’s seen things come full circle. He spoke about the power of The Shield. Flair shook the hands of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Then he walked out of the ring.

Analysis: Good to see Flair. It was surprising to see him shake the hands of The Shield’s three members, but it also keeps us interested to see what might happen next.

Roman Reigns w/Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton w/Triple H & Batista

They started the match at 11:05pmET, which is usually around the sign off time of the show. Reigns hit a suplex outside the ring. Orton threw him into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Orton was still in control until Reigns fired back with a clothesline. A leaping clothesline by Reigns, then another one in the corner. Reigns hit the running dropkick outside the ring while Orton was on the apron. Batista distracted the ref, so Triple H grabbed the leg of Reigns. Rollins and Ambrose went after Triple H and Batista. Triple H threw Ambrose over the announce table. He threw Rollins into the side of the ring. In the ring, Reigns hit a Superman Punch. Reigns went outside the ring as they all brawled, so that led to the DQ after 5 minutes.

Match Result: Disqualification

Analysis: *1/2 It started so late that I didn’t expect a long match. The disqualification finish was obvious.

After the match, Ambrose was thrown into the announce table. Rollins was thrown into the barricade. Reigns was thrown into the steel steps. In other words, The Shield were thrown into things.

Triple H hit a Spinebuster on Ambrose on the floor outside the ring. Rollins and Reigns got thrown into the steel ring post. All three Shield members were down. In the ring, Triple H went for a Pedigree on Ambrose, but Rollins came back with a flying knee off the top rope. Orton was sent out of the ring. Kick to the head by Rollins on Batista. Reigns hit a Spear on Triple H. Batista and Orton had chairs as The Shield was ready to put Triple H down with the Powerbomb. Evolution retreated as The Shield stood in the ring. Raw ended with the two groups having a staredown.

Analysis: Good brawl. It didn’t seem like The Shield would make the comeback there, but it showed that they have a lot of heart. The fans really reacted well to it. The “look strong on TV, lose on PPV” theory would mean that The Shield loses on Sunday although WWE has gone against the theory of late, most recently a few times at WrestleMania. This six man tag should be amazing. One thing that surprised me is that they didn’t announce a stipulation for it. Since the show is called Extreme Rules, you would think the main event would have a stipulation. For now it doesn’t. That’s bizarre. Maybe they will add it on Sunday.


Three Stars of the Show

1. Bray Wyatt & the choir of kids

2. Bad News Barrett

3. The Usos

Technically I picked much more than three people. It’s not like this really matters!


The Scoreboard

5 out of 10

Last week: 5

2014 Average: 6.63

2014 High: 9 (April 7)

2014 Low: 5 (Feb 3, April 21, 28)

Last 5 Weeks: 5, 6.5, 9, NR, 6


Final Thoughts

It was a disappointing show. The best parts were in the first 40 minutes when Wyatt did his promo and singing with the kids while The Usos won that entertaining tag match. The rest of Raw was pretty boring. It dragged a lot.

The in-ring action was below average. Only The Usos tag match win was above average. They rushed through so many of the matches that it killed the crowd in that awful second hour. It’s not like things got much better in the third hour.

It also might have been a bad idea to not feature The Shield before the main event because of how much the show dragged in the middle portion.

Even though I didn’t like last week’s show or this one, I still have high hopes for the PPV. I think the top three matches have all been built up very well. We’ll have a full preview up on the weekend at some point.


I have no affiliation with this video and have no idea who even made it, but I have to share it because it’s great. It’s a video of Evolution done in a way similar the 1980s TV show Full House complete with Full House lyrics. Look out for Ric Flair’s picture too. So good.

It’s amazing. The only negative thing about it is I’ve watched it so many times today that I have Full House song stuck in my head. That’s not good for anybody.

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