The following are highlights of a recent interview with WWE Superstar Fandango:

On crowd reactions now as compared to the Attitude Era: “I think it’s more rewarding to know that we can go out and put on a good show without going lowbrow and taking the easy road. Whether it’s the middle finger, or cursing, because that’s going to get a reaction no matter what. It’s harder to get a reaction the honest way and that’s just pure entertainment. That’s from an 8-year-old kid to an 80-year-old woman. I think chair shots and middle fingers and swearing and girls with their tops off is an easy reaction. I think the way we do it now is a lot more rewarding, for sure.”

On meeting Hulk Hogan: “I’m a huge fan, and I never actually got to meet Hulk until that Monday [on Raw]. He came up to Summer [Rae] and myself and said he was a huge fan of ours and took a picture with us! WWE tweeted it out and Hulk did too. He still looks great for his age. I don’t know if I should say ‘for his age’. He looks great for my age! A real nice guy and it’s really cool. I think WWE’s his home. No matter whether it’s 2014, 1983 or 2025 people are always going to accept him in the WWE because he helped make WrestleMania. He is WrestleMania.”

On possible WrestleMania plans: “Hopefully we’ll get in there with Santino Marella, whether it be a mixed tag or a singles match. He’s been giving me a little bit of a problem as of late on TV over the last few weeks. That’s where it’s aiming for – hopefully it pays off.”

On when he thinks he’ll compete for a title: “I think after WrestleMania is when we’re done with the dancing idiots Santino and Emma. Then it’s time to move on to a little bit more serious work, definitely.”

On how the internet effects surprises: “There are pros and cons to how connected we are now. One of the negatives, like you said, is that bad news travels really fast and secrets get out and it can really kill an angle. On the other hand, good news, it helps promote good things too. It really helps the WWE Universe stay connected and up to date with what’s going on.”

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