WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart conducted a Q&A session on Twitter this afternoon. Here are some of the highlights:

Would you ever consider doing some freelance “road agenting” for the WWE?

“Sure … I would think about it. But I certainly would not want to go back on the road again.”

What’s one major change you’d make to the presentation of the WWE TV product?

“I would make the Slammy’s a legitimate awards night. Where the best bumpers, dramatic performance and spectacular move are credited”

How’d you start the tradition of giving away your shades pre-fight? Great way to connect with fans.

“I didnt know what else to do with them :)”

What are your hobbies?

“I like to ride my bike .. when the weather permits”

What are your secret talents?

“Im an avid reader, writer, artist and actor”

What are your thoughts on Fandango?

“I admire him greatly. He’s a kid that was given a difficult gimmick and he’s made it work – kudos to him”

If you hadn’t had to retire due to injury, how would you have liked to end your career?

“Fighting John Cena at this year’s WrestleMania in a ‘babyface’ match”

Any thoughts on dying the hair black or are you enjoying rocking the grey?

“Im ok with rocking the grey. The real debate is maybe I should shave it all off pretty soon … maybe for cancer?”

CM Punk or Daniel Bryan?

“I couldn’t say. In my opinion they are both two of the greatest wrestlers to ever get in the ring and it ain’t over yet”

Thoughts about The Rock?

“I think he is absolutely great. When I watch his movies I believe everything he does.”

* PHOTO of BRET HART At A Poker Tournament Last Night (Wearing a Cowboy Hat)

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