Rajah.com reader Dory Funk Jr. sent along the following:

With the passing of Don “The Lawman” Slatton we lost one of the most entertaining characters in the wrestling business. Don a talented “Hard-Core” wrestler with box office appeal was the promoter of Abilene, Texas and the surrounding area (Sweenwater, Brownwood, San Angelo). Don booked talent out of the Amarillo Wrestling Office.

The Lawman was also known for being one of the best ribbers in the wrestling business. Following is just one of many stories that will give you a look into the life and humor of Don “The Lawman” Slatton.


With love for Don “The Lawman” Slatton and thanks to his wife, Silvia for being so gracious to me on so many occasions, My Condolences to Silvia, Daughter Donna and the family of Don “The Lawman” Slatton.

Dory Funk Jr.

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