WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross has once again updated the Q&A section of his official website. Below are highlights:

On Goldberg’s new DVD and a match between he and The Undertaker: “The compliation Goldberg DVD will do good. I’ve not seen it but likely will check it out. Goldberg vs. Taker in their heyday would have been nice. Who wins would have depended on where and when it was but I’d lean toward Taker.”

On whether or not JR will ever start his own podcast: “Likely not. Too much work. 🙂 Not enough money.”

On Bray Wyatt’s in-ring ability: “Many of us have seen him wrestle a great deal in NXT. He’s a keeper.”

On his favorite Mid-South Wrestling angles: “Had many favorites and am looking forward to the Mid South DVD WWE is releasing on Sept 10. Ted [DiBiase] and [Junkyard] Dog were hard to beat.”

On one-legged wrestler Zach Gowen’s WWE run: “He had great heart and passion.”

On Dean Ambrose’s potential when The Shield eventually breaks up: “The goal is always for any entity to have more sizzle and potential when they split and become single stars. Ambrose will be interesting to follow along with Rolins and Reigns.”

On if he feels the U.S. and Intercontinental Titles should be unified: “I don’t see the value in doing so. It’s not hard to make them both mean more.”

Check out more Jim Ross Q&A at his official website, JRsBarBQ.com.

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