– After releasing 7 people from NXT last week, word out of WWE is that the company will be letting go more talent soon. With the company’s new Performance Center opening on July 1st and WWE actively recruiting new talent, there are plans to let go a lot of people who have been floundering in developmental without showing steady improvement.

Derek Bateman’s release last week is an example of this policy – having been in developmental for years and not showing that he was ready for the main roster. Out of the releases from last week, Briley Pierce and Audrey Marie’s caught a lot of people off guard.

– The Rock revealed on Twitter that he surprised his cousin, Tamina Snuka, with a new Lexus truck:

“Just surprised my cousin @TaminaSnuka w/ an SUV. Amazing woman w/ a heart of gold. F’n awesome. #Love”

* Photos of SHAWN MICHAELS New Look – He’s Sporting A Full Beard

(Parial Source: PWInsider)

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