Tonight’s episode of WWE RAW takes place from Chicago, Illinois, hometown of WWE Champion CM Punk. Here’s a preview of what to expect tonight:

– The fallout from CM Punk’s beatdown of Jerry Lawler last week on RAW.

– Daniel Bryan and Kane return for more Anger Management classes.

– Vickie Guerrero continues to plot against General Manager AJ Lee.

WWE’s 5-point preview for RAW is teasing the following items:

1) Destiny within reach? Alberto Del Rio’s path to Night of Champions and his World Heavyweight title shot continues.

2) The Anger Sharks are Swimming: WWE questions whether Anger Management participant “Harold” (Scorpio Sky) will fall victim to Daniel Bryan’s Yes Lock or Kane’s chokeslam first.

3) Heavy lies the pantsuit: Vickie Guerrero tries to remove AJ Lee from power.

4) Cena’s next step: After defeating The Miz last week, will John Cena try to avenge Jerry Lawler’s honor and confront CM Punk?

5) Punked? The Voice of the Voiceless will have words for the WWE Universe after his latest attack on Jerry Lawler.

* Major Update On TEAM 3D Leaving TNA & Returning to WWE

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