Forbes Magazine has ranked Hollywood’s highest paying actors of the year (May 2011-May 2012) and WWE star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ranked at #4.

Tom Cruise landed the top spot, earning $75 million during that period. Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Sandler were tied with $37 million a piece. The Rock came in just behind them, making $36 million from his movies. Here’s the blurb about The Rock:

#4 – Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Johnson is the franchise saver. He helped 2011’s Fast and Furious become the franchise’s highest-grossing film. Thanks in large part to Johnson, the second Journey to the Center of the Earth out-earned its predecessor a few months later. We’ll have to wait until spring to see if he can revive G.I. Joe. The sequel was pushed from a summer release so Paramount could retrofit it into 3-D.

What’s even more amazing is that The Rock’s $36 million earnings figure only includes money he’s made from his acting career. Factoring in the money he made working with WWE during that period (WrestleMania 28, Survivor Series 2001) and he would likely be ranked #2 on the list.

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