On Monday’s RAW, Zack Ryder and Eve had a backstage segment where Ryder invited Eve to dinner. Eve apparently stood Ryder up, as Ryder posted several tweets late on Monday night while he was waiting for her to arrive for their date.

“Waiting on @EveMarieTorres to show up for our date. It’s gonna be #SSSIIICCCKKK”

“So I guess @EveMarieTorres isn’t coming. #worstnightever”

Eve later apologized:

“Soooooo sorry… Something came up.Promise I’ll make it up to u? ;-)”

WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix chimed in:

“@ZackRyder waited for @EveMarieTorres for hours?? He clearly is hung up on the wrong Diva.”

Phoenix expressed interest in Zack Ryder to Eve on RAW, but Eve told Beth to back off, despite the fact that she clearly “playing” Zack.

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