— The February 2012 issue of WWE Magazine features an interview with Beth Phoenix and Natalya and they are asked how far they are willing to go to see the Women’s Tag Team Championship brought back.

“I would absolutely do anything within my power,” Beth says. “I think we have enough Divas for a tag team division, and with the Divas Title currently being held on Raw, SmackDown is left without something to fight for. So tag titles would be amazing.”

Natalya adds, “And Beth and I are the perfect representatives to be the first-ever Divas Tag Team Champions. I’d love to see that happen. There are so many Diva tag team matches that it would be ideal.”

— It was announced in October at Ringside Fest in New York City that Mattel would release a WWE action figure on Miss Elizabeth in 2012 via MattyCollector.com. According to a promotional advertisement in the February 2012 issue of WWE Magazine, the action figure will be released in November.

The action figure will be based on how she appeared in this photo shoot.

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