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Fans who have never heard Maria outside her WWE character are surprised by her intelligence and humor. A completely different person than the ditzy interviewer fans came to expect, Kanellis has always been positive about her time with WWE, but doesn’t sugarcoat anything either. As James Guttman asks during her interview, what surprised her the most when transitioning from WWE fan to performer? Maria answers…

“I was surprised by how unhappy people were. It’s the greatest company in the world, but there are so many people within that company that still struggle with their creative abilities not being used. I think you see that in so many people that come out of it. They have motorcycle shops or they have tattoo parlors or they are designers and want to do fashion. Maryse just came out and said she wants to do fashion. Torrie wants to do fashion. Trish has her own yoga studio and her own yoga line. So many of us just feel creatively stifled.”

Maria speaks in-depth about the good and bad from working in WWE. But even the bad points have a silver lining. As many fans know, Kanellis was released just as her stint on Celebrity Apprentice began. James points out how that seems to be something that the company does regularly. Wrestlers join reality shows and just as they’re about to get exposure, they get released. Maria agrees but points out to listeners how that too had a silver lining.

“It’s funny. It happened with me. It happened with Ashley. It happened with Stacy. Jericho has left again. It’s just one of those weird things that happened. I think that it’s because WWE thinks that we get a big head about it. It’s not necessarily that we get a big head about it, it’s just we start to learn. We start to learn what’s out there. OK. This or that is going on. I want to fix it. I want to put it in my contract. I want to be able to talk about it. As soon as you start doing that, it was like you lose all leverage.

“Would I have left when I did? Yes. Would I have done it differently? Maybe. I don’t know. I think back on it now and I had a lot going on in my life that didn’t involve WWE. So, I don’t know if I was in the greatest position to make the decision that I did, but I am thankful that I’ve had so much time to see other things and do other things. I’ve had a lot of great opportunities. Plus, and I know like this is so girly, but I wouldn’t have met the guy I’m with now if it wasn’t for me being released. One door opens when another door closes.”

James points out that those who follow Maria on Twitter @marialkanellis and Facebook ( are aware that she’s currently dating Ring of Honor star “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett. JG and Kanellis go on to discuss ROH, their rabid fanbase, her thoughts on the company, attending shows with CM Punk, Sinclair, and more. But, of course, there’s another non-WWE company people probably ask her about a great deal – and Guttman is no exception. TNA? Is that something in the cards for the Slammy Award Winning Diva? Could we see Maria in the Impact Zone anytime soon? As the interview continues, Kanellis responds.

“I would say never say never. But, at the same time, I don’t see myself going there. I’m kind of a WWE girl. They brought me in. They are the ones that gave me all the publicity I’ve had so far. Getting on Celebrity Apprentice was from that. Doing Playboy was from that. Doing all the other little shows here and there was from it, so I just don’t see myself going there. But that doesn’t mean it’ll never happen.”

The interview doesn’t end there. James Guttman’s in-depth 45 minute interview with the legendary Maria is just one of hundreds available on the moment you join up. From Samoa Joe to Haku, you can hear them all along with thousands of hours of audio from show hosts Paul Roma, Glacier, and World Wrestling Insanity staff.

Photos of Maria as a *VAMPIRE*

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