Video game website has released its review of the new WWE ’12 video game and gave it a 9/10 “Amazing” rating. If you’re familiar with IGN’s ratings, you’ll know that a 9/10 is a major accomplishment. This is the best rating a WWE video game has gotten in many, many years – and a real sign that THQ’s complete overhaul of the WWE video game property has paid off bigtime.

Here’s a summary of their review, followed by their video review:

  • Presentation: 9.0
    Some incredible work here, recreating the WWE experience in a dramatic, almost lifelike way. The story needs some work.
  • Graphics: 8.5
    On the ramp and in the ring, the graphics are great. When it comes to acting, the results are about as good as you might expect.
  • Sound: 7.5
    All the music you want is here, and so are the wrestlers’ voices, but the wrestlers have more passion on TV.
  • Gameplay: 8.5
    The core mechanics are excellent, but the single-player story doesn’t want to let you use them.
  • Lasting Appeal: 9.5
    There are almost too many options. Online is great but the interface is a bit awkward.
  • OVERALL: 9.0 (“Amazing”)

* VIEW HERE: IGN’s Video Review Of WWE ’12


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