— WWE will be highlighting ‘ring generals’ and ‘mat technicians’ next month on Classics On Demand.

The synopsis reads: “All September, WWE Classics is “Gettin’ Skool’d” as we honor the ring generals and mat technicians of sports-entertainment.”

— Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler, who’s relationship with actor George Clooney was publicized yesterday, is the No. 2 trending topic today on Yahoo.com.

— Zack Ryder has posted the 25th episode of his YouTube series Z! True Long Island Story.

Chris Masters issues a challenge to Zack Ryder for his WWE Internet Championship, touting his dominance on the premiere IWC wrestling show, WWE Superstars. WWE announcer Scott Stanford also appears.

*PHOTOS* See Zack Ryder’s WWE Internet Championship belt ->

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