— Former ECW star Axl Rotten stated on Twitter that if he doesn’t come up with $5,000 by the end of the month, he will be evicted from his home. He was asking for PayPal donations. The message, however, has since been deleted.

— AT&T U-verse is mistakenly advertising Kane vs. Rey Mysterio and Sheamus vs. Randy Orton as the top two matches for SummerSlam. Both contests took place at last year’s event.

— The latest issue of WWE Magazine has a feature on the breakout stars to watch this fall. Those profiled are Justin Gabriel, Johnny Curtis, Jinder Mahal, Zack Ryder, A.J. and Kaitlyn, with all six explaining in their own words why they’re WWE’s next breakout star.

A.J. stated, “I’m trying to redefine the word ‘Diva.’ Divas don’t have to be super-girly, ultra-feminine Barbie dolls—there’s room in WWE for girl-next-door types. I see myself as the ultimate underdog, and a lot of people can relate to that. Not everyone is super-jacked and strong and the superwoman type. Some of us just have to fight. I’m just like every little kid out there. What I bring is a lifetime of watching and enjoying WWE—I’m kind of like a fan who snuck her way in. I’m sort of proud of that.

“I might come off as this bubbly person, but that’s because I come from a rough past. Before I even started in WWE, I was living in a car. I wasn’t scouted for WWE. I paid my dues, and literally starved for two months making ends meet. Beth [Phoenix] was at my tryout and gave me a special, awesome pep talk, saying, ‘Yeah, you can do this.’ Then I got signed.”

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