World Wrestling Entertainment released Dave Finlay yesterday. He had been solely working as a producer since retiring from in-ring competition last year.

WWE Champion The Miz was booked to interrupt the national anthem during a live event in Champaign, Illinois on Friday. A number of representatives for the National Guard were in attendance (a major partner and sponsor for WWE) and they were not pleased with the anthem being used to garner heel heat.

Once key WWE officials were informed of the ordeal, a decision was made to terminate his contract, since he was the event’s top producer.

His release from the organization comes as a shock to numerous employees. Finlay is well liked and many people are hoping that it is a situation where he could be brought back in the future.

Finlay had been with the company since 2001 and was considered the top producer in the organization. Many credit him with orchestrating the women’s division over the past decade.

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