WWE star Kevin Nash appeared on Tha O Show with Big Daddy Donnie this week and this to say about the following topics:

His Business Relationship with Dixie Carter:

“If I had have walked into an office and went to Dixie and said this is what I want to do and this is what will make me happy, Dixie would have signed off on it in 30 seconds.”

Triple H Not Working The Rumble:

“Paul had no desire at that point [to get in the ring]. He is working in the office and walking around with a clipboard. Vince and Steph feel the company needs his mind more than his body right now. Whenever he comes back though, it’s a game changer. When I found out he [HHH] wasn’t working, I asked if it was the buddysystem [not wanting to steal a pop from Booker T or Nash] and that’s how I took it.”

Whether He Has One Last Run Left:

“It’s up to creative. Every guy in the business thinks they have one last run, and the truth is, they do – if creative is in compliance with that. I told them I’d go as hard as I can for as long as I can until I break down.”

His Current Status:

“I could go back to TNA and wrestle for them tomorrow, they just can’t put me in a video game – oh wait, they don’t have one. They couldn’t do a doll, well they could. They could do a doll [like they did before] with a likeness that Vince owns. They [TNA] put out a doll of me with long brown hair. My contract with them said they would market my TNA likeness. I asked Terry Taylor to show me a picture of when I ever worked in TNA with long brown hair. Jakks said, ‘Sorry it was a dye problem from China.’ You have to look at the doll. Jakks had a 2003 Ruthless Aggression Diesel doll and they slapped a Nash logo on it with the same Diesel head, and it was just bogus man.”

His New WWE Legends deal:

“It has verbiage that says you are subject to wrestle. I looked at it as, I’m making a 5 year commitment that I’m not going anywhere else, and if I do they can’t market any part of me.”

The Pop He Got At The Rumble:

“I wanted to take a steal chair and just sit in the middle of the aisle and take it all in because I said it’s going to be all down hill from here. It couldn’t have been more special. Thank god I was wearing a condom.”

Dixie Carter’s Reaction To His Rumble Appearance

“She was out of the country. I guarantee you she was happy for my response and happy I was happy.”

* VIDEO of Kevin Nash’s Return At The Royal Rumble (HUGE Pop)


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