— As of Sunday night, much of the WWE roster was not aware if they would be involved with the Survivor Series, especially considering that only three matches have been announced. The consensus is that a number of wrestlers will work the event and company officials will not have to worry about travel expenses to Miami due to a good portion of the roster residing nearby in Tampa. Additionally, the roster isn’t aware on whether there will be a traditional multiple person Survivor Series Elimination Match.

— According to a fan in attendance at tonight’s Raw in Hershey, PA, the ring ropes are red, white and blue and the vintage “WWF” logo has been hung up in the rafters. Also, the vintage “RAW” block letters have been placed at the entrance.

— Additional names that will be on hand for tonight’s Raw are Ron Simmons, former WWE manager Slick, Bob Orton, Jr., and Tony Atlas.

See photos of HHH with bleached blonde hair ->

source: www.f4wonline.com

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