— A source close to Jeff Hardy stated that Hardy is in “good spirits” and feels that his pending criminal case will go in his favor.

— There is backstage talk that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will host the first WWE Raw of 2010 from Dayton, Ohio on January 4. Johnson’s next feature film “Tooth Fairy” hits theaters on January 22.

— Scenes of the Pittsburgh Steelers and DX were shown during the opening of Monday night’ Sportscenter on ESPN. They showed clips of the Steelers players getting in their stance againt the Big Show and clips of Ben celebrating with DX. Jerry Lawler was heard saying, “There is your Sportscenter moment!”

— It is being reported that Gail Kim busted one of her breast implants at a recent Raw live event. She now joins WWE Divas Champion Mickie James, who was on the sidelines recovering from the same injury.

** CM PUNK In Hot Water & Stripped Of The Title After Disrespecting The Undertaker?

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