Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Some highlights:

The WWE Locker Room: “The Smackdown/ECW locker room dynamic seems to have changed significantly over the past few weeks and especially after the big “trade” of earlier in the week. The vets are doing a good job delivering the steak while the young talents are still searching to find their personas and what it is going to take to make themselves successful … It’s funny when the “vets” in today’s Smackdown locker room are guys like Jericho, Edge, Punk, Jeff Hardy and Mysterio. All those guys still seem young to me but there is a distinct gap between these talents and the next wave.

UFC 100: “It’s almost inevitable that UFC 100 on July 11 will produce some upsets. None of the favorites in the main events are lay-ups by any means. Many insiders feel that GSP will be challenged as never before. Lesnar is a beast and will be at his usual 280 pounds by match time and that will be a lean, cardio friendly 280 at that, but Brock certainly isn’t a lock to waltz past Frank Mir. I am pulling for Lesnar and GSP but if both lose it likely won’t shock those that are really joined at the hip to MMA. I am certainly not a MMA insider but merely a big fan of the genre.”

Rowdy Roddy Piper’s DUI Arrest: “I’m not condoning that anyone drink and drive but it sure seems as if some are making a federal case about Roddy Piper’s recent arrest for an apparent DUI. Again, don’t get me wrong, DUI’s are serious business, but luckily there was no accident associated with this incident and no one was injured. I’m sure that Roddy feels as badly as one could feel about this embarrassing matter but everyone makes mistakes in life. I text Roddy this weekend, before the arrest for the record, and he was in amazingly, positive spirits and we largely discussed family and our health. I have great respect for Roddy Piper and I hope this issue can be resolved quickly and that history won’t be repeating itself. I, too, traveled down this road many years ago and learned a valuable lesson in the process.”

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