— TNA Wrestling announced this week they have renamed their “TNA University” program “TNAtion”. Members will be known as “Citizens” and they can create a “Colony” to continually promote TNA and earn prizes.

Apparently taking a shot at WWE, the entity’s official slogan is: “Why get lost in a Universe…when you can join a Nation.”

Visit www.TNAtionOnline.com for more information.

— Sting is featured in the cover story in latest issue of Fighting Spirit. They ask if his legacy has been tarnished by working with TNA. The preview reads: “Has Sting’s legacy been tarnished by TNA? Three years on from his TNA debut, FSM examines the career of The Icon, Steve ‘Sting’ Borden and asks whether he’s cementing his legacy by playing out his time in TNA, or whether he’s breaking it beyond repair…”

Click here to see the cover of the magazine.

— Matt Morgan took part in an interview with the Huffington Post to discuss taking time out of his personal life to speak with kids and families dealing with ADHD as it’s a true passion of his to raise awareness. Click here to read the story.

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