Courtesy of reader Larry:

Went to the Smackdown/ECW house show in Evansville, IN last night…..great night overall.

Evan Bourne vs. Tyson Kidd
Pretty much back and forth with Evan Bourne scoring the victory with his shooting star press.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Finlay
Good matchup between these two, Finlay can take as well as he can give. Kozlov won this one.

Shelton Benjamin vs. John Morrison
Another great back and forth match with John Morrison really over with the crowd. John Morrison took this one. Shelton Benjamin did a great job selling the ending of the match by getting carried out by the ref.

Umaga vs. CM Punk
Not a big fan of Umaga, but CM Punk is also really over with the crowd. Umaga won this one via DQ after CM Punk attempted (key word here being attempted) the GTS.

Eve and Gail Kim vs. Layla and Natalya
Kind of a blah match with Gail Kim being the only one with any kind of in ring ability. Don’t remember who even won this match. Other than the view, probably the worst match of the night.

Christian and Tommy Dreamer vs. Mark Henry and Jack Swagger
Good match with great in ring chemistry between Christian and Jack Swagger. And with Mark Henry being too big to move and Tommy Dreamer not doing a very good job at selling the moves Swagger and Christian pretty much carried this match in my opinion. Christian and Tommy Dreamer won this match with some solid tag team moves at the end. It ended with Dreamer dropping Mark Henry and Christian following right up with a head butt off the top rope.

Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio
Great match! I’m really excited about this storyline. Jericho came out and did a short promo opening up everything. Good back and forth, no one was really dominated. The match kept you going to the end. At the beginning of the match Rey even sent Jericho running into the crowd. Rey was “unmasked” at one point and rolled off onto the floor to get his mask back on. Two missed 619 attempts and finally landing one gave Mysterio the victory in this match.

Edge vs. Jeff Hardy
A great ending to the night, again some really great back and forth action some inside the ring spilling outside the ring, with each guy doing their patented moves. Edge ending up winning this one with a spear. After the match he went for the championship belt, brought it back in the ring. Tried to hit Hardy with it, Hardy ducked, did the twist of fate and then off the top rope with a Swanton. Edge left the ring area and Hardy did his rounds slapping hands with the fans and I saw him sign a few autographs.

Again, great night overall. All of the matches on the card were really good matchups. First time in three years that Smackdown has been to Evansville, really great homecoming.

Biggest pops –
Jeff Hardy
Rey Mysterio
CM Punk

Biggest heat-
Jack Swagger
Chris Jericho

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