Jim Ross is back with another blog from JRsBarBQ.com. Some highlights:

– Ric Flair Turns 60: Happy Birthday to my long time friend Ric Flair who turns 60 years young today [Wednesday]. Ric will eternally be young at heart and seeing him and sitting down for a visit with him will be one of my personal highlights at WM25. Ric will induct Ricky Steamboat into the WWE Hall of Fame and if you go back and take a look at the year 1989 no one in the business had better matches together than these two. Every time they wrestled they seem to put on a clinic. I wonder how many young wrestlers who truly desire to be a wrestling star some day have thoroughly studied these bouts? Between tanning and being on their computers, unfortunately not enough would be my assumption. Sorry to come off as a grumpy, old schooler but these matches were grappling art.

– Jamie Noble’s Injury: Good to hear that Jamie Noble is going to be o.k. after a near miss against big Mike Knox on Monday night in Nashville. Noble got timely medical care and having a doctor at all WWE events not to mention licensed trainers is a much needed asset for the wrestlers. Noble should be back in the ring in a few weeks and is one of the more underrated men on the WWE roster and is often an after thought to some because he’s not 6’2″ tall.

– Macho Man DVD Hosts: From what I have heard, Matt Striker and Maria did the on cameras for the June release of the Macho Man Randy Savage DVD release which features 3 disc’s of Savage’s best bouts. Simply by looking at the match compilation, this seems as if it will be an excellent DVD for Macho Man fans who have been clamoring for a Savage DVD from WWE for years. Striker particularly knows the impressive history of Randy Savage and I am sure we will get some unique “nuggets of wisdom” from Mr. “I Hate Pronouns” who rivals the King as one the WWE’s most skilled “ladies men.”

– Swagger vs. Christian on ECW: Watching the Jack Swagger title defense of the ECW Championship Tuesday night against Christian reminded me of food. Please, no jokes as I am becoming increasing more sensitive in my AARP years. Watching some wrestling matches on TV that last 3 minutes or so is like having fast food. It’s o.k. when you need a quick bite but there is noting like sitting down and having the time to enjoy a nice meal like one would find at J.R.’s Family BBQ, for example. The Swagger-Christian bout was long enough to sit down and emotionally invest in the process much akin to enjoying a Slobber-Knocker, 3 meat combo at J.R.’s. For the record, slow smoked ribs are meant to be savored not inhaled. Nonetheless this aforementioned ECW main event was a solid piece of business.

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