Jim Ross has posted another blog entry at JRsBarBQ.com. Some highlights:

— Congrats to the ECW Announce team Todd Grisham and Matt Striker for winning the “Announce Team of the Year” Slammy that is known in some circles as “The Adamle.” Todd and Matt do a really good job with ECW and I hope and I feel that they will be around for years to come if they don’t burn out or lose their sanity in the wacky business of rasslin.

— After the Philly Raw, “The World’s Angriest Announcer”, Tazz, drove me by the old, ECW Arena which I had never seen. I do remember that between stints in the WWE, Paul Heyman called me and wanted me to make a surprise appearance at the House of Hardcore but it never came to fruition. I don’t think my surprise appearance would have been to announce as Joltin’ Joey Styles had that responsibility well in hand. Whatever it was would have likely been fun knowing Heyman’s unique, creative mind.

— We had a special guest at our J.R.’s/Norman store this week when acclaimed actor Billy Bob Thornton dropped by with his band, “The Boxmasters”, and enjoyed some “Q” and actually took a huge load of food to go for the band’s bus trip back to L.A. The Mrs and our staff said Billy Bob was a helluva gracious guy and was legit digging our BBQ and even left wearing one of our black, JR’s trucker caps which are available elsewhere on our site.

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