— Rob Van Dam made a surprise appearance during last night’s Royal Rumble match before eventually being eliminated by Chris Jericho. Following his appearance, RVD appeared on the WWE Universe’s live blog. RVD said he received a phone call from management to appear at the event just last Friday. “The idea to be in the Royal Rumble is only 2 days old. Got a phone call Friday and it worked out,” Van Dam said. RVD also explained to fans that his appearance was a one time thing, but he appreciates the company’s open door policy for him to return one day. “I’m back in WWE..for tonight,” Van Dam said. “Still happy at home. I’m not here full time by my own choice. I appreciate the open door that I have here and I appreciate being Home in California with Sonya even more.” On how he felt being out there last night, Van Dam said “awesome.” You can read a transcript of his chat session at the following link.

— In Paul Heyman’s latest commentary on the UK’s Sun website, he raves over Randy Orton’s performance during the conclusion of last week’s episode of Raw. He also believes Orton will be the focal point of this year’s WrestleMania. “Orton has been chosen by McMahon to be WWE’s focal point heading into this year’s WrestleMania, and bluntly, there isn’t a member of the roster who could possibly be a better choice,” Heyman wrote. “So here’s Vince, reveling in the spotlight, and Stephanie, delivering what could be her best performance ever,” he continued. “And yet, when Orton stepped into the ring and started talking, he compelled you to watch him. Orton’s control of the mic was masterful.” {Heyman: Now it’s Orton’s time}

— The term “Royal Rumble” was listed on the “In The News” tab on the Google News homepage this afternoon (news.google.com).

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