— Two matches for this week’s SmackDown were announced on Friday’s show. Vladimir Kozlov asked for an opportunity at the WWE Championship and Vickie Guerrero told him if he can defeat Undertaker, he will face Triple H for the gold. It was also announced on SmackDown that R-Truth would face Shelton Benjamin for the WWE United States Championship next Friday night.

— Devin Cutting sent in the following… TV commercials for the WWE tri-branded house show in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on December 13th, 2008 are advertising Triple H verses Vladimir Kozlov as the main event of that show. Go to http://prowrestlingevents.tk for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

— On Google’s advertisement application, Adsense, one company is actually advertising “Jeff Hardy Is Dead” as a plug to its website. It then goes to a site regarding a WWE poll. Google has to clear what gets advertised.

— Jim Ross has answered a number of questions on his website. He’s asked about who he’s voting for, Edge, if WWE’s going back to a “90s kid tv show,” the chances of Steve Austin being inducted into next year’s Hall of Fame, and more. You can read the Q&A at the following link.

Click here to see photos of Jeff Hardy looking bizarre

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