— Vince McMahon did several interviews yesterday to promote WWE’s 800th RAW celebration. You can read interview that he did with Reuters here and interview he did with BuddyTV.com here.

— The Daily Star recently conducted an interview (link) with TNA’s Jim Cornette, who had some harsh words for the WWE Chairman. “Have you seen the stock market? Vince is not a billionaire any more! He may not even be a millionaire by the time this thing’s over! I will sacrifice every penny I’ve got and cut my neighbour’s lawn to see Vince McMahon a broken man laying in the gutter!” Cornette worked in WWE for years and ran the old Ohio Valley developmental territory.

— After appearing on the Howard Stern show yesterday morning, TNA’s Kurt Angle also appeared on the Max Kellerman show. An audio clip of Angle’s appearance can be heard
http://podloc.andomedia.com/dloadTrack.mp3?prm=3451xhttp://query-origin.andohs.net/8000A6/content-root3.andomedia.com/origin/mp3/stations/1367/kellerman/kellerman081103.mp3″ target=new>here.

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