— It has been said that most of the WWE agents/producers hold Brian Kendrick in higher regard than former tag partner Paul London, reports prowrestling.NET. Kendrick is said to have better approach and attitude on things than London, who behind the scenes is considered to be an inconsistent performer as well a “heat magnet.” Last year, London drew the ire of Vince McMahon for smiling during the McMahon limo bombing angle. McMahon was legitimately upset with London over the segment, as he felt it pointed to London as a suspect for the limo bombing, when there were no plans to have him as part of the program.

— On the day news breaks out regarding Ashley Massaro’s request to leave World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE.com has her as today’s Daily Diva, which you can see at this link. The site still has yet to post a “future endeavors” message on the site regarding Ashley, so at the moment she’s still with WWE.

— Natalya has an account WWE’s Fan Nation website, which you can reach at this link.

— WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James will be making an appearance on Saturday, July 19 from Noon to 2 p.m at Franklin Square located at 984 Hempstead Turnpike, Long Island, NY.

See photo of Natalya’s new look! (>>)

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