— WWE RAW wrestler Robbie McAllister, who was shown on camera during last night’s live edition of TNA Impact, was sent home by WWE today. McAllister was not booked for the show, but WWE brings in practically everyone under payroll to WrestleMania weekend to take part in the festivities.

— Kim Kardashian told that she has no idea what she’s actually doing at WrestleMania this weekend. “I’m hosting something. I think I may do some commentating, too.”

— In his latest commentary on The Sun website, Paul Heyman raves about the Big Show, saying “Paul Wight is my favorite person in the entire wrestling business. I respect his love for the wrestling industry. I admire his passing for performing. And most of all, I look up to him—not because he’s seven foot tall—but I look up to him as a human being”

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