Thanks to reader Aaron Lineberry for sending in the following report:

I attended the TNA house show in Elmira NY on Saturday along with my girlfriend and it was her first ever live wrestling match and I must say there was a pretty big attendance I didn’t get specific numbers but I know the show had a pretty good crowd. The show started with Jeremy Borash being introduced and offering the loudest fans in the crowd to get to go backstage and meet the wrestler’s but I never found out how that went for the fans selected. I was surprised that they never played the national anthem. I forgot my camera and my girlfriend left her camera cell phone in her vehicle so we never got pictures. I was happy because I sat by quite a few fans who were just as loud and into TNA wrestling as I am so therefore if I took a break from cheering and taunting really loud and hard then the people near me kept it going so it worked out perfect. Referee Earl Hebner came out to several “You Screwed Bret” chants on his way to the ring.

The opening contest was The Rock and Rave Infection without Christy Hemme vs. LAX.
The Rock and Rave Infection came out to some huge heat and they had their goofy guitar hero guitar’s and Lance Hoyt was going for the Slash look while Jimmy Rave was going for a pink and black look. LAX came out to a huge pop and were cheered heavily throughout the match. It was a pretty good back and forth match that went to the outside on a few occasions and Lance Hoyt got thrown to the guard rails right in front of us and I couldn’t get over the size of Lance Hoyt. I also couldn’t get over the size of Homicide of LAX he almost looked like A-Train. There were several near falls on both sides before LAX used their signature finisher to win the match.
Winners: LAX

Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt-X Division title match
Thus there were some high flying spots on the outside I thought it was a rather boring match. I thought Jay Lethal was pretty awesome but I wasn’t too impressed by Sonjay Dutt. There were quite a few “Oooh Yeah” chants as well as “Dig It” and “Snap into a Slim Jim Oooh Yeah”. The match ended with Jay Lethal doing the classic Randy Savage elbow drop.
Winner: Jay Lethal

Eric Young vs. Cowboy James Storm w/ Jackie Moore
James Storm came out to some really huge heat and taunted the crowd and bashed the Elmira Jackals hockey team and went on about the Nashville’s NHL team while he was drinking his beer and went on by saying how the South would rise again. Eric Young came out to a huge pop and he was wearing an Elmira Jackals jersey to the ring he got on the mic bashing James Storm and then jumped from behind. During the match I got some Rhyno chants started and of course the people sitting beside me went along with it and our section got quite a bit of heat from James Storm during the match over the Rhyno chants. They went to the outside and there was quite a bit of outside interference by Jackie Moore on the outside and Jackie Moore also got a lot of heat from the fans. James Storm attempted to use his beer bottle on Eric Young but the ref took the beer bottle and Jackie Moore got in the ring and interfered and it backfired as she nailed Storm instead of Young and Young capitalized on it but to no avail. Finally Jackie Moore went back in the ring while the ref was distracted and Young hoisted Moore up on his shoulders for what looked like a DVD but Storm then gave Young a nasty looking reverse kick to the head and that was it for Eric Young as James Storm got the pinfall.
Winner: Cowboy James Storm

The Dudley Boys vs. The Motor City Machineguns-No DQ Street Fight
This was one of my favorite matches of the night and the Dudley Boys came out to a very huge pop and everyone was on their feet for them seems they’re from NYC and we were in Elmira. The Dudleys got on the mic and were going on about how they were glad to be back in Elmira NY. The Motorcity Machineguns came out to some rather huge heat. Alex Shelley had a really bad haircut and got taunted bad for it. The Machineguns had some impressive high flying action but they weren’t getting over nearly as much as the Dudley’s were. Chris Sabin faked a knee injury and attacked Brother Ray from behind afterwards and the entire match was exciting with the Dudley’s doing their classic “Wasssuppp” and the Machineguns did some awesome teamwork together against the Dudley Boys got the 3D in before finally the Dudley’s got the tables and Brother Ray powerbombed Alex Shelley off the second rope through the table and sealed the deal and got the Dudley Boys the victory. After the match the Dudley Boys picked a fan out of the crowd and took him to the ring and gave him a piece of the table and signed it for the young fan and everyone cheered for the fan and the Dudley Boys.
Winners: The Dudley Boys

There was a 20 minute intermission.

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe
This was one very awesome match that was split down the middle with the fans. The section we were at was all cheering for Samoa Joe. I got a Princess AJ chant started and everyone around me picked up on it and it got over quite well. After intermission the crowd was really psyched and were way louder and more intense then before intermission. The match itself was a fantasitic match and it was back and forth a lot and it went to the outside where AJ Styles got some more heat. Samoa Joe has some nasty kicks I’ll tell you what. AJ Styles has some awesome high flying ability as well as great ring finesse. At one point AJ Styles bodyslammed Samoa Joe and I was impressed by that seems Joe outweighs AJ by a good 70 or 80 lbs. I felt the winner should get a much deserved title shot at somepoint in time because they both are fantastic wrestlers and Saturday night was no exception. I couldn’t believe it when AJ kicked out of the muscle buster that shocked me and everyone else. Joe also kicked out of AJ’s finisher but what ended it all was when Joe made AJ tap out to his Tazmission like chokehold that was really awesome and the crowd was on their feet almost the entire match.
Winner: Samoa Joe

Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim vs. Jackie Moore-Triple Threat match for the TNA Knockout title
Jackie Moore came out first to the same heat she got when she came out with James Storm earlier in the show. Gail Kim came out to a huge pop afterwards. Finally Awesome Kong came out to some fans cheering her and some booing her but she didn’t get as much heat as Jackie Moore did when she came out. Awesome Kong also came out by herself her manager wasn’t there at all. The match started out with Jackie and Gail each going after Kong and then going after each other before Kong delivered a massive clothesline to both Gail and Jackie. Gail and Jackie retaliated by double teaming Kong and sending her to the outside and then they went after each other once again. The match itself didn’t last very long but it ended when Kong delivered her Awesome Bomb to Jackie and got the fall and after the match Kong and Gail were still going at it with Kong delivering an Awesome Bomb to Gail Kim next. The referee stepped in and Kong delivered an Awesome Bomb to the refereee for his troubles. Finally Earl Hebner came out along with security and made Kong leave the ring. Security and EMT’s came out and rushed the referee to the back.
Winner: Awesome Kong

Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage-TNA heavyweight title match-Main Event
Christian came out first to a descent pop and was cheered by the fans. Angle came out afterwards and got a awesome pop and our section was cheering heavily for Angle. The fans went back and forth the whole match with let’s go Christian and let’s go Angle. The match itself was really great and we got to see Christian kick out of the Olympic Slam and Angle kick out of the Unprettier. Angle got the ankle lock on Christian but Christian got to the ropes and I was rather impressed when Christian got a Texas Cloverleaf on Angle because I’d never seen or known of him to use submission holds. At one point in time Angle went for the Unprettier on Christian and Christian went for the Olympic Slam on Angle. The end came when Angle got the Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring and locked it it really good to where he also did his leg gravpevine with the Ankle Lock and finally Christian tapped out. After the match Angle did a polaroid session for $20 per photo and there was a really long line for that.
Winner: Kurt Angle

After the show was done Homicide, Jay Lethal, James Storm, and Eric Young came out to sign autographs and I think there were more coming out but I left during that time. All and all I thought it was a terrific show I thought it was way better then when Smackdown was there on January 7 and I felt the crowd was more into the show the crowd that was at the Smackdown show a month ago. Jeremy Borash mentioned that TNA would come back very soon in the near future and also teased the thought of a Pay Per View being at the First Arena in Elmira NY but I’ll believe it when I see it. Don’t get me wrong I’d love it if there was a Pay Per View live from the First Arena in Elmira NY but whether it happens or not only time will tell.

5 biggest pops
1. The Dudley Boys
2. Samoa Joe
3. Kurt Angle
4. LAX
5. Eric Young

5 biggest heats
1. AJ Styles
2. Cowboy James Storm
3. Rock and Rave Infection
4. Motor City Machineguns
5. Sonjay Dutt

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