– All of the Brock Lesnar mentions on WWE.com are at least worth mentioning. WWE has accepted a huge advertising campaign from UFC in which they are serving all of the ads on the company’s official website. WWE has even altered the background of the official website with a promotional background for the UFC fight between Mir and Lesnar. WWE.com’s poll (that features another ad right above it) simply asks whether or not Brock can win his fight. As of the time of this writing over 75% voted yes, although I voted no.

– As part of the Lesnar campaign, TNA Wrestling is also promoting Brock Lesnar’s UFC debut very hard as there will be more footage promoting his fight airing on tonight’s edition of iMPACT.

– For those that want to know more about JBL’s energy drink, JBL has formed a new corporation based around it. The corporation is called Layield Energy, Inc. as they issued a press release today on the drink which is being billed as “an aphrodisiac to increase sexual performance in men.” The drink called “MamaJuana Energy” is $42.95 a 12-pack. You can visit the official website of the drink at this link.

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