Jim Ross has posted another blog entry on his official JRsBarBQ.com web site. Below are the highlights:

– With Edge’s return at the Survivor Series, it would seem that the former multiple time champion will be back in the ring as early as this weekend.

– I don’t know Eric Bischoff’s official status with the WWE, but something tells me he has moved on and is focusing on his many other business interests and projects he has with Jason Hervey, among others. Eric will never NOT be busy.

– Mark Mero lives in the Orlando area and is a fitness trainer and gives speeches to students about the dangers of drug use.

– There will definitely be another Tribute to the Troops TV show this year and it airs on USA Network on Monday December 24…Christmas Eve.

– The 1997 Survivor Series definitely has taken a life of its own and will most likely be remembered by fans and the wrestling media for years to come. I don’t remember that event as a stellar moment for me professionally and wish the controversial events of that night had never occurred. I was made aware of a wrestling internet story that said that I knew what was going to occur that evening in advance as it related to the Hitman-HBK match and that assumption is total manure and absolutely, 100% untrue. The best way I can describe that chain of event is is “unfortunate history.”

– As I understand it, Monday Night Raw will be broadcast in Hi-Def at some point in 2008.

– Last I heard Bobby Lashley was due back in December, but I have not heard any updates lately.

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