This wild three hour RAW this week starts with a tiny clip from the original RAW on Jan, 11 1993 and the original opening. It then morphs into each following oping/song up to the present one.

Huge pyro.

Vince’s music and he comes strutting out with his son Shane and daughter Steph. They are all in business suits, and as JR says, “Looking very dapper.” Vince is actually bouncing on the apron before getting into the ring.
Vince welcomes us to RAW. He says that 15 years ago he created a show that was Uncut, Uncooked and Uncensored. (I would have been clueless on this, but I watched the first RAW this morning on YouTube – good show.) He says it’s the longest reigning show in history. (759 shows – including tonight.) He is having a family portrait, but Linda isn’t there due to a gastrointestinal problem, but he shouldn’t go into that. He then announces Shane, listing his titles. He announces Steph as a former Woman’s Champion. He calls for the photographer and Hornswoggle’s music hits. He comes out. He runs into the ring and hugs Vince’s leg. Vince announces him and say to get him off him. Shane peels the little guy off Vince’s leg as the fans give a huge “Hornswoggle” chant. He says he knows they’re all waiting for them to die to inherit his fortune. He tells Shane he loves him and tells Steph he loves her. He then says he kind of loves Hornswoggle. He tells the fans he loves each and every one of us.
He tells the family to say ‘Monday’ on the count of three.
HHH’s music and out he comes. He’s in wrestling gear, a t-shirt and a baseball cap.
Vince asks what the hell he’s doing there. “HHH” chants. He says he’s waiting for the pop to die down, did he hear that. He says it’s supposed to be the entire family and he knows these people are smart, we know the score. He feels like he’s part of the family. Almost as if he could be his son. “What’s up Steph?” The fans go bloody wild with this! It’s supposed to be a family portrait and that’s about the people you love or loved. So he wants to bring out some people he loved.
Representing the current crop of Divas he’s loved, Melina. Representing the past… “I did not have sex with that woman.” claims Vince.
Representing past Divas – Sunny. She comes out in a black mini and red corset looking hot. Horney hugs her and buries his face in her boobs, she hugs him back.
Representing the current Divas – Mae Young. Vince looks abashed as Mae Young comes out. HHH holds the ropes for her. She about attacks Vince when she gets in the ring. She’s humping and kissing him when Sunny and Melina pull her away.
Shane asks if Vince is serious. Vince says it was at Moolah’s funeral and he had a lot to drink. He dusted the cobwebs off and…
Shane leaves the ring with his arms in the air.
Vince says he dusted the cobwebs off and he was thinking of her mom. Steph grimaces.
HHH says the list goes on and on. He says any WWE employee who’s been mistaken for a woman and had relations with Vince to come out. Bastion Booger, Big Dick, Howard Finkle, Pat Patterson (HHH says this doesn’t surprise him), Jerry Brisco and Abe Knuckleball Schwartz. HHH asks who the last is. When he says his name, HHH says the Brooklyn Brawler must have been busy.
Steph says that Vince has embarrassed the family long enough and it’s time she embarrassed him. She goes over to HHH, takes off his baseball cap and plants one on him. She kisses him hard and deep before leaving the ring with a backward glance and a grin.
HHH says, “I’ll see you at home Steph!” He then says, “Oh, I mean your brother’s a gnome!” (I love how they keep this going!)
Vince says to HHH, “I hate you!” and says the rest can go straight to hell.
HHH tells Vince not to go away mad, just to go away. HHH then goes to Horney and says he knows he just wants a family. If only there was someone who could put a smile on this poor boy’s face. Who could put a smile on his face with just the sound of his music.
The Godfather’s music and Horney goes crazy with glee. Godfather comes out with a huge group of Hos. JR tells King he thinks he sees King’s newest ex-wife. King says at least a couple of them!
Godfather brings the girls to the ring and even Pat Patterson seems happy – which is strange.
Godfather says it’s time for Hornswoggle to jump aboard the Ho Train. He tells the girls to go get him. Horney dances around with all the girls.

– Commercial

King says tonight we’ll find out who the greatest superstar in RAW history is.

Lillian is announcing the Ladder Match. Jeff Hardy is first out. Carlito Caribbean Cool comes out to face him, looking rather pissed.
CCC rolls from the ring to grab a ladder. Jeff tries to baseball slide into the ladder but CCC moves it. Jeff slides out and CCC slams the ladder into him. “Hardy” chants. CCC put the ladder in the ring and sets it up. Jeff tries to go for a twist of fate but gets countered and slammed down. Jeff gets set up in a corner with the ladder in front of him. CCC rushes the ladder but Jeff slams in into him. Jeff goes outside and gets the ladder see-sawed into him and then the ladder slams him into the barrier.
They get up on the apron and Jeff pushes CCC off. CCC lands back first onto the semi-propped ladder, hard. The ladder breaks. Jeff gets another ladder and sets it up in the ring. Jeff climbs but CCC springboards onto the ladder and they exchange blows over the top. CCC power bombs Jeff down off the ladder and they both land hard.

– Commercial

A ladder is set up in a corner. Jeff is climbing the corner and CCC is down. Jeff flies over the ladder for a leg drop, but CCC moves. CCC is stomping Jeff’s leg. CCC sets the ladder down with Jeff’s leg between it. CCC slams the ladder down on top of the one around Jeff’s leg. CCC scoop slams Jeff onto the pile of two ladders, Jeff’s leg is what hits. CCC sets up a ladder. “Hardy” chants. CCC climbs, but the ladder is too short. Jeff gets to his feet and grabs CCC. CCC comes down and hits a chop block on that left leg. CCC set a ladder up in a corner with the top just below the top ropes.
“Hardy” chants. CCC lays Jeff on the ladder and runs at him but Jeff gets up and hits a back body drop onto the ladder. Jeff climbs another corner and hits a swanton. Both are down. Jeff struggles to his feet and limps to the ladder. He moves the two ladders around ad sets one up to climb, but it still looks too short. CCC gets up and pushes the ladder over. Jeff lands on his feet but CCC hits a back stabber onto one of the ladders. CCC sets up a ladder. “Hardy” chants. CCC climbs and has a hand on the belt but Jeff climbs the other side and pushes CCC off the ladder. CCC rolls from the ring. Jeff manages to the get the belt and win the match.

– Winner: Jeff Hardy

Jeff holds the belt high while atop the ladder, but looks like he’s in lot of pain. He gets down off the ladder and his leg crumbles under him.

– Commercial

Grisham is out back with HBK. HBK has another cowboy hat on. Grisham says HBK was part of the first RAW. He says he defended the IC Title against… He says he can’t remember 15 years ago, but he does remember last week when Kennedy had four imposters in the ring. One of them was Marty Jannetty. It made HBK wonder what Kennedy could do against the real thing. Marty shows up and is pumped to face Kennedy. He quickly leaves. HBK says, “Miiiiiiiiiiiisssterrrrrrrrrrrrr… HBK!” and leaves with a grin.

Video of a lot of little RAW flashbacks. 1-2-3 Kid beating Razor Ramon. Austin and Tyson. Cane an K-Fed. Trump and Vince – Trump dropping money from the roof. The Rock talking. Lots of people kissing – Bisch and Linda, Trish and Y2J, Lita and Edge. Kissing Vince’s ass. Kane taking off his mask. Kane lighting JR on fire. Jeff Hardy hitting Brock with a chair. Different people being pushed of bridges. Shane buying WCW. Vince limo blowing up is the last clip.

– Commercial

Promo for the World Class Championship Wrestling DVD set.

Santino is in the ring with Maria. He says he’s sick to his stomach about this nostalgic show. He says he made an open challenge and…
RVD comes out!!! The fans go bloody wild! RVD gets in the ring and grins at the “RVD” chants.
He starts to do his RVD move and Santino kicks him in the gut. RVD gets the upper hand with kicks and hits the 5 star frog splash. He does his Rob Van Dam call and covers for three.

– Winner: RVD

RVD celebrates in a corner. Short and sweet, but I really didn’t expect a long match since he’s not under contract.

Evolution promo and video. JR says the Evo reunion is next and King asks how that’s going to happen.

– Commercial

Lillian announce all four original member of Evolution. Flair comes out first, in an Evo shirt. HHH is the next out to the ring, also in an Evo shirt. Batista comes out all pumped up in an Evo shirt. JR says this is the wild card and wonders if this will happen. Orton comes out to the stage, not in and Evo shirt. He says he’s not joining them. He’s the Champ and they want to ride on his coattails. The last time he was champion they were not kind. Do they remember this… Video of Orton winning the title and Evo turning on him. He’s left a bloody mess in the ring.
HHH says he does remember it and it was pretty cool. He says they didn’t beat him up because he was champion. They beat him up because he was a pain in the ass. He says if he’s going to be remembered for being in a faction he wants to be remembered for being in Rated RKO with this man…
Out comes Edge. Edge says after this Sunday Batista won’t have his title either.
Batista says he notices Edge is running his mouth from up there, why doesn’t he come down to the ring.
Flair tells them to shut up. They were all told to come ready to compete. Why don’t they get a partner and get down to the ring.
Orton says he figured Flair would say that so they spoke with Regal already. Meet their partner – Umaga.

– Commercial

Flair snap mares Orton. Orton tags in Edge. Edge backs Flair into a corner. Edge throws a lot of punches until the ref pulls him away. Flair comes back with chop. Flair gets whipped and then a back body drop. Edge knocks him down and tags in Umaga. Umaga locks on the nerve pinch. HHH and Batista are itching to get in the ring. Orton tags in. Umaga holds Flair and Orton punches him in the head. Flair gets punched down. Orton drops a knee to Flair’s face. Orton covers for two. Flair gets whipped and then a back body drop. Orton goes for a drop kick but Flair holds the ropes and Orton flops to the mat.
Batista tags in. He takes Orton down and hits a cheap shot on Umaga. Batista pulls Edge in and starts beating on him. HHH comes in and works on Orton. Umaga comes in and clotheslines both Batista and HHH. Umaga man handles the ref. Ref calls for the bell.

– Winners: Flair, Batista & HHH – the return of Evo (This means Flair won another match!)

Samoan spike on Flair. Edge and Orton flee up the ramp leaving Umaga in the ring with Evo. Flair hits a low blow. Batista hits a spine buster. HHH hits a pedigree. Umaga is toast. Evo lines up in the ring and raises their arms together.

Video of Austin driving the beer truck into the arena. He sprays down Rock, Shane and Vince – The Corporation. Austin drives his 4 wheeler onto Vince’s limo. A tractor without the trailer hits an ambulance. DX spray paints Vince’s limo. Austin drives him monster truck over Rock’s Lincoln. Vince’s convertible with cement. Angle rives the milk truck in and sprays down the ring, including Steph. Austin drives the zamboni into the arena and dives off it to take down Vince in the ring

Out back Horney is taunting Molly Holly (who looks beautiful!) until Mickie and Regal makes him stop. The Divas leave and Regal says Horney has a rematch against Khali. Finlay won’t be back for the match because his plane ticket from Ireland has been canceled, and the match is next! Regal leaves and Horney looks pissed.

– Commercial

WWE Slam Of The Week – CCC and Coach against Hornswoggle. APA comes out and takes care of matters so Horney wins the match.

Hornswoggle’s music and he comes down to the ring looking all sad. Khali comes down with his interpreter. Horney’s in the ring holding his face in his hands looking scared and freaked out.
Horney’s in a corner and Khali heads for him. The ref keeps him away until the bell is rung. Horney stays low and out of Khali’s way.
Hogan’s music and out he comes! He’s in black and white, but has his Real American music. Khali motions for him to get in the ring. Hogan gets right up to Khali as Hogan talks smack. Khali tries to chop his head but Hogan stops it. Hogan can’t stop the kick. “Hogan” chants. Hogan keeps getting forearms to the back but he pulls the finger and points at Khali. A bunch of punches and a huge right and Khali goes down.
Khali leaves the ring and Horney enters. Hogan still wants the big guy. He wants to prove he can slam him. “Hogan” chants. The interpreter keep Khali from getting back in the ring. Hogan gets on a corner and tries to get Khali back in the ring. Horney claps for Hogan in the ring with a huge grin on his face. He’s thrilled to be in the ring with Hogan.
Hogan grabs a mic and says it sounds to him like Hulk-A-Mania is still alive to him. He says he’s happy WWE has made it for 15 year and it’s the best company in the world. There’s nothing like being in the ring listening to all the Hulk-A-Maniacs. He loves watching the new guys in the ring. He’s honored to be invited to hang out with the guys in the back. He then says, “Never say never, Oh yeeeah!” (The last was a call out to Savage.) He says he has to get back to LA to film his new show – American Gladiators, which will air January 6th and 7th – this gets mixed reviews. Hogan and Horney pose together for the fans.

RAW flashbacks of DX. Spoofing Rock. Their standards and practices press conference. HHH playing Vince. Vince loves cock. HBK playing Shane-O-Mac. Invading WCW. Lots of Chyna. Them taking over the production truck. The McMahon manure bath. It was only HBK and HHH, mostly video of HBK, HHH and Chyna and very little video of Road Dogg and Gunn.

– Commercial

Video of Vince in the hospital bed and Foley comes out with the debut of Mr. Socko. Dr. Austin then comes in and attacks Vince. He beats on Vince’s injured ankle and hits him over the head with a bed pan. Vince then gets a needle in the butt.

Finkle announce a 15 Man Battle Royal. Al Snow is the first one out, with Head! Bart Gunn comes out to no pop. Doink comes out – it’s supposed to be Matt Borne, who was the original Doink. The Repo Man comes out. Steve Blackman comes out, he looks to be in wonderful shape. Pete Gas from the Mean Street Posse. Bob Backlund then comes out!

– Commercial

Gangrel comes out, looking thinner than expected. The Goon, Skinner, IRS and Flash Funk came out during the commercial. Scotty 2 Hotty (my hometown boy) comes out. Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart comes out. Sgt. Slaughter comes out.
They are pounding on a door out back. The door opens and Gillberg comes out. He does his usual spoof entrance.
They all go after Gillberg, pick him up high and he’s tossed out first. Then everyone starts fighting. Backlund is then tossed out. Snow hits Doink with Head and Doink is tossed out. Snow then beats on Gangrel with Head. Flash Funk goes over the top but doesn’t fall out. Pete Gas goes over the top as does Bart Gun. Flash Funk eliminates himself and Blackman. The The Goon is eliminated by the Repo Man. Anvil goes over the top. IRS, Scotty 2 Hotty, Skinner and Slaughter are the last four in the ring.
A huge clothesline to Scotty 2 Hotty from IRS. Scotty 2 Hotty takes IRS down with the briefcase and hits the worm with all the fans behind him. Skinner tossed Scotty 2 Hotty from the ring. Slaughter locks the cobra clutch on Skinner but he gets out. Skinner gets tossed, then Slaughter gets tossed.

– Winner: IRS

Million Dollar Man’s music and he comes out. IRS looks shocked. MDM has a wad of money in his hand. MDM holds money out to IRS and makes a proposal. They shake hands. IRS eliminates himself and Finkle announces the winner to be Ted DiBiase.
MDM takes the mic and says everybody has a price and starts laughing maniacally. He then leaves the ring with a big grin.

Video of lots of slaps. Shane slaps Vince. K-Fed slaps Cena. Linda slaps Steph. HHH slaps Batista. Steph slaps Shane. Shane slaps Vince.

Bisch is out back heading for the ring.

Promo for the Tribute To The Troops RAW on Christmas Eve.

– Commercial

Bisch is in the ring. He says it’s been a long time since he’s stood in the ring. For him, to be invited to be a part of the 15th Anniversary of RAW. He start to fake cry. He says he sees the same faces he’s seen year after year after year. Unlike the rest of the superstars he’s not there to put smiles on our faces, but to take our money. People like us will always be reliant upon people like him for entertainment. People like Vince will be dependent upon people like him to reinvent this industry over and over again. But the fans should do what they want to do and get on their feet and give him a big round of applause.
Y2J’s countdown and he’s posing on the stage. Bisch looks annoyed as Y2J comes down to the ring in his black sequined vest. JR and King says that these two and not really friends and don’t really like each other.
Bisch acts like he can barely remember Y2J’s name. Bisch sais he fired him a couple years ago. “Y2J” chants.
Y2J tells Bisch to shut the hell up! He says that one thing still rings true. Bisch was an ass clown then and he’s an ass clown now. Yes, Bisch did fire Y2J. But it was a good thing. It showed him he was a bit burnt out. It lit a fire under him. He decided that when the time came back he’d be better than ever. He’d come back to be champion.
Bisch says Y2J’s talking about the match with Orton. “Good luck with that.”
Y2J says good luck with his bad bowl cut and pot belly. He says Y2J should save the fans all that money and forfeit the match right now.
Y2J says he could do that, but Bisch is a jack off. His book was a rip off. He should have his bowl cut shaved off. He should shut up before he wipes that grin off. And why doesn’t he just knock his block off.
One shot and Y2J takes Bisch down. He’s about to do more to Bisch when Orton shows up. Y2J turns and beats on Orton. Y2J gets Orton in the walls of Jericho. Orton taps out. Y2J is left standing in the ring over Orton holding the title belt. He lays it next to Orton and leaves the ring to “Y2J” chants.

– Commercial

Dusty Rhodes is down at the announce table. Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes come down to the ring. Cade and Murdoch come down to the ring.
Cade and Cody start off. They lock up and a side head lock on Cody. Cody gets a good flying clothesline on Cade. Cade telegraphs and gets kicked. Murdoch tags in. A hard forearm to Cody’s face and he’s down. Murdoch covers for two, twice. Cade tags in and hits an elbow to the back of Cody’s head. Cade drops an elbow but Cody moves. Hardcore tags in, as does Murdoch. Holly works over Murdoch. Cade rushes in, as does Cade. Code clotheslines Cade from the ring. Hardcore hits the Alabama slam on Murdoch. Holly covers for three.

– Winners & new Tag Champs: Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes

Dusty leaves the announce table and gets in the ring. Holly celebrates on a corner as Cody stares at the title belt in awe. Dusty slaps Holly on the back and he jumps down. They shakes hands and grin at each other. Holly goes to celebrate in another corner while Dusty goes to his son. Dusty hugs his son and then raises his hand in the air. Dusty has tears of pride in his eyes and it’s a sweet thing to see.

Raw flashbacks video of them all over the world. Shaq is ringside. Mike Tyson is there. Denis Hopper is ringside. Lawrence Taylor. King mouths off to Shatner. Trump pushes Vince over. Kid Rock. Motley Crew. Lots of pro sports players.

– Commercial

Divas Flashback of Divas. Sunny, Sable, Chyna, Lita, Trish, Stacy, Candice, Leyla, Maria and the rest.

Jillian is in the ring talking about her Christmas album coming out on iTunes. She sings. Trish’s laugh and out comes the hot girl! She looks amazing!
Trish gets in the ring and has a mic in her hand, the fans are so happy. Jillian says she wasn’t done yet.
Trish says she’s excited to be back. To see everyone like Lillian and King and… She’s surprised about Jillian’s album. She congratulates her but says it’s really bad.
Jillian says some things never change. Maybe she is, or isn’t the biggest superstar in RAW history. But she gets the title of biggest ego in RAW history.
Lita’s music. She comes out and gets in Trish’s face. They talk quietly. She says it’s not just Jillian’s singing that sucks, but the sound of her voice.
Jillian says they don’t want to see them, they’re here to see her. She starts singing again. Trish and Lita look at each other and attack Jillian from behind. They work together to beat Jillian down. After Jillian leaves the ring they both have big grins on their faces and hug tightly, obviously still good friends. They raise each other’s hands to good pop.

RAW flashbacks of Steph getting a stink face. HHH falls on Trish in the 69 position. Rock and Hurricane talking about penises. Y2J peeing in Regal’s tea. Eugene and Rock in the ring. Mini-Hardys. Pics of Steph on the tron, before and after her boob job. Angle wearing his little cowboy hat. Lot of Foley and Rock. Golddust singing the lumberjack song and Booker is dressed like a lumberjack. Heenan trying to get into the first RAW dressed as a woman.

– Commercial

RAW flashbacks video. Steph and HHH’s wedding. Kane and Lita’s wedding. Edge and Lita’s wedding. HHH taking Steph through the drive through wedding chapel. Taker with Steph tied to a cross. HHH turning on Steph at the alter.

Lita is watching this from out back and Kane comes up behind her. She asks how he is. He asks is she’s seen any good movies lately. She says not really… The weather has been crazy. He says it’s been cold, yeah… Ron Simmons comes up, stands between them and says… “Damn!”

JR and King go through the matches for Armageddon.

Kennedy comes down to the ring.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Kennedy in the ring with all of his imposters last week.

Kennedy is in the waiting. Marty Jannetty comes out in a horrible jacket with rainbow sleeves and MJ on the back.
They lock up. Kennedy get an arm wringer and Marty comes back with a drop toe hold. Kennedy gains control but then gets whipped. Kennedy hits a low dropkick. Kennedy keeps working on that knee with a ½ Boston crab. Marty’s having a hard tie hiding his huge grin of excitement for being in the ring. Marty gets to the bottom rope and Kennedy waits out the five count to break the hold. Kennedy covers for five.
Marty comes back with a punch to Kennedy’s gut then an enziguri. Marty hits a bunch of punches and a back elbow. Marty hits a suplex and covers for two. Kennedy gets backed into a corner. Marty gets five punches in a corner but Kennedy hits an atomic drop. Marty hits a rocker dropper. Marty climbs but Kennedy hits the ropes and knocks Marty down. Kennedy gets Marty onto his shoulder but Marty wiggles out and covers for two. Kennedy hangs Marty on the second rope and hits and inverted DDT. Kennedy covers for three.

– Winner: Kennedy

Kennedy goes after Marty again and HBK rushes out to help his friend. HBK beats Kennedy down. HBK goes to check on Marty and Kennedy attacks from behind. HBK and Kennedy go at it. HHH slowly saunters out. HBK takes care of Kennedy who rolls from the ring.
HHH hands HBK a DX hat, which he puts on, and a DX shirt. They pose in front of in-ring pyro and pose on opposite corners. The fans seems excited to see them together, but really worn out from being so hot for so many people for so long tonight.

Vince is out back getting ready to head for the ring and announce who the top superstar is.

– Commercial

Vince is in the ring grinning. He’s there to announce the greatest superstar in RAW history. That person has to be synonymous with greatness in RAW history. Has to have made the greatest impact on RAW history. He asks for the envelope. He looks at it, says we’ll like it. He asks for a drum roll. He announces the greatest superstar as Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He starts to give an acceptance speech. (I was just thinking about the people we hadn’t seen that we should have seen tonight and…)
Car crash noise and out comes Mankind. “Foley” chants.
Vince says Foley’s jealous that he’s the greatest and not Foley. He tells him to leave his ring, right now. Mankind gives Vince Mr. Socko and the mandible claw. Vince is on the mat and we hear… Gong! The lights go out and here comes Taker. King says it’s better to be a coward for five minutes than a corpse for the rest of his life – about Vince.
The lights come up and Foley is gone. Vince is trying to struggle to his feet while Taker gets in the ring. He takes off his hat and Vince is to his feet. Vince turns with a scared look and gets a choke slam. Taker poses in the ring. The lights go out and another gong. The lights come up and Taker is gone.
Breaking glass and out comes Austin. Austin is wearing long jeans today with a ‘Been there, destroyed that’ t-shirt. Austin poses in all corners, stepping over Vince to get there. Austin looks down at Vince on the mat. Austin grabs a mic and comments on Vince on the mat. What a pitiful, pitiful sight. Jesus Christ. He thought he’d come out and congratulate him for 15 years of RAW, celebrate, have a little beer, but there’s Vince sleeping. It’s a damn accomplishment and he’ll drink to that. “Barkeep, gimme two beers.” He says Vince isn’t looking so good, but he’s so proud of him for 15 years. There has to be some way they can toast together, but he’s not sure he can hear him. He wants to get on Vince’s level. He lays down with Vince, but says he feels dirty. He gets up and comments on Foley, Mr. Socko and Taker. He calls for more beers and starts to drag Vince to his feet. He tells him to get off his knees and not get any ideas.
Vince gets to his feet. Austin hands him a beer. Vince tries to drink and Austin tells him he has to wait for the toast. They toast and drink the beer. Then Austin gives Vince a stunner.
Austin says the greatest superstars of RAW isn’t on that card. The greatest superstars on RAW isn’t in the ring. The greatest superstars of RAW are all over the world. They are you, miss. You sir with the Stone Cold sign. You up in the nose bleed seats. He asks where the camera is and looks directly into it. He says that the superstars are also all of us at home, sitting in our chairs watching his favorite network, home of RAW, USA.
He calls all the rest of the superstars from the back to join him for a beer.
HHH, HBK, Pat Patterson, CM PUNK, Y2J, Dusty Rhodes, Trish and Lita come out together talking. Some get in the ring, some stand around the ring. I see Funaki in a suit!
HHH is in the ring, with a lot of other wrestlers. His holds his beer up high to the fans. Y2J has a beer and holds his beer high to toast the fans. Horney is drinking in the ring. HHH dumps some beer out of the ring onto Mickie James’ head.
A couple of refs have gotten Vince out of the ring. He’s laying on the floor at the bottom of the ramp. Austin calls for more beer. He starts dumping beer outside onto Vince. Vince gets pissed and gets to his feet. He pulls himself up and stands on the apron. Austin punches Vince in the face. Vince falls to the apron and then to the floor.
Austin dumps more beer out onto Vince. Horney is standing next to him and ‘accidentally’ tips his beer out onto Vince also.

Biggest pop
Too many people to mention tonight. The fans were so hot through most of the show. They seemed to pop really well for just about everyone except those who deserved heat.

Biggest heat

Funniest Moment
The interaction between HHH and Steph. It’s so much fun to watch them allude to their marriage, even though everyone knows about it. The kiss was also very sweet.

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