TNA has once again embarassed itself and the wrestling industry by signing (not confirmed if it already has, but will do so soon if it hasn’t) Adam “Pacman” Jones to a short-term deal, according to Hope Hines of WTFV, Ch. 5, news in Nashville.

Pacman Jones was suspended by the NFL recently after being linked by several sources to a Las Vegas shooting that left a man paralyzed from the waist down. Ironically, Tom Urbanski – the man who was the manager of the strip club at which the accident ocurred during NBA All-Star weekend – used to wrestle for AWA in the 1980s.

The signing was supposed to be kept secret until Tuesday when Jeff Jarrett comes back from his international trip, but has been confirmed by Dave Meltzer. With the recent events in professional wrestling, including Congress demanding documentation regarding WWE’s Wellness Policy, this is a really ill-timed move by TNA. – The Latest in Pro Wrestling!

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