source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Beth Phoenix isn’t the only woman getting the call up to the main roster. WWE is looking to call up more women from developmental because they feel there aren’t enough women on the Raw and SmackDown shows. They currently have 19 female performers on the main roster. The female with the best shot of getting called up to the main roster is said to be Shantelle Taylor — a 21-year-old blonde Canadian that was signed to a developmental contract last year. In January, Shantelle appeared on some SmackDown/ECW house shows as San-Eye, a masked Japanese wrestler, where she wrestled Jamie Noble. She was supposed to be ambiguous under the mask as the crowd wasn’t supposed to know that the masked wrestler was actually a woman. Anyway, that idea has since been scrapped. When she ultimately gets called up, she’ll probably just be wrestling as herself.

— Santino Marella’s push is pretty much over now. McMahon lost interest in making him an Italian “Ladies’ man” and he didn’t think he could pull off the underdog role. The idea was to make him the modern day 1-2-3 Kid. He’s probably going to turn heel as they’ve lost confidence in him as a babyface. Marella’s also said to be on the “endangered species list,” which obviously isn’t a good thing.

— In the latest issue of Powerslam Magazine there is an interview with Sean “X-Pac” Waltman. Waltman was asked the following question: “I know you catch up with Kevin Nash on TNA Impact but what about Scott Hall? Do you see much of the former nWo star these days?” Waltman responds by saying, “I haven’t talked to Scott in a few months. He does well for a while – and then he goes off at the deep end, similar to me. I miss him a lot. Scott was talking about making a comeback (in November), but it fell by the wayside.”

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