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Chairman is coming
August 21, 2007

One night after revealing his illegitimate child is a male Superstar, Mr. McMahon will be heading to ECW on Sci Fi. Will the Chairman have any more information on the identity of his love child?

Also, can CM Punk rebound from a vicious beating to prepare himself for his championship opportunity at SummerSlam against ECW Champion John Morrison? Will Punk find a way to gain momentum as he heads toward the most important match of his career or will Morrison continue to shine with the gold?

ECW’s new General Manager Armando Estrada made his first night on ECW on Sci Fi a memorable one. What will Estrada have in store for the Superstars of ECW with only five days remaining until the Biggest Party of the Summer – SummerSlam?

Big Daddy V continued his destructive ways by defeating CM Punk and Tommy Dreamer on ECW. The night wasn’t over for another daddy, as the investigation into Mr. McMahon’s illegitimate child turned its attention to ECW. What will happen if the bastard spawn of the Chairman is Extreme?

Find out all the answers to these questions and more on the next ECW on Sci Fi Tuesday at 10/9 CT.


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