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The outspoken and always entertaining Ultimate Warrior was featured on FOX News’ political talkshow Hannity and Colmes. Warrior discussed the Chris Benoit tragedy, his own history of steroid use, WWE’s current drug policy and much more.

Despite the fact that both men are pretty hard lined conservative republicans, most of the interview consisted Sean Hannity and Warrior yelling at eachother back and forth. Here are some of the hilights:

About Steroids:

Warrior admitted that steroids are used and abused in pro wrestling. Steroids are so prominant that it would be easier to list the guys who weren’t on them than those who are.

“I did use steroids,” said Warrior. He said he has always been honest about it. Warrior used the steroids in a controlled and “wholistic” way and with a doctor’s supervision. Many of the wrestlers who die from prolonged steroid abuse take the steroids to look good on the outside while still being rotten on the inside.

He made it very clear that there is a difference between use and abuse. Many of the famous bodybuilders throughout the years (including Arnold Schwarzenegger) are examples of how steroids can be used in a better way and are not inherently bad.

About Chris Benoit:

Warrior said that he knew Chris Benoit personally but “I’m not here to make excuses for this monster”. Warrior thinks the Benoit tragedy happened because of prescription medication, not steroids.

About WWE’s Drug Testing Policy

“The drug test is a ruse. It’s an artifice specifically designed for the sensationalized, high-profile tragedies when people come forward and they make reasonable allegations that the talent is using drugs. It’s this simple for me. For me to believe that the drug tests on the live bodies are legit, I have to believe all the autopsies on the dead bodies are lies”

YOUTUBE VIDEO of WARRIOR’s Hannity & Colmes Segment!! *MUST SEE* – Warrior Flips Out On Hannity!

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