Bangkok — Wildlife officials in Thailand said Tuesday they have discovered the carcasses of five more wild elephants downstream from a waterfall where the bodies of six other elephants were found last weekend. The carcasses were discovered after the first six elephants plunged to their deaths at the Haew Narok – “Ravine of Hell” – waterfall in Khao Yai National Park in northeastern Thailand, said Sompote Maneerat, spokesman for the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department.Park officials said the first group of elephants evidently died when trying to reach a dead calf. The new victims are thought to have come from the same herd. The ravines usually fill up with gushing water during the rainy season.

Governor Nattapong Sirichana said that drones were used to help confirm the total number of dead elephants, Reuters reported.Officials said that the death toll of 11 is the highest number of elephants to die in a single incident in Khao Yai. Eight elephants died at the same waterfall almost 30 years ago.
The elephant population at the park is estimated to be about 300.


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