During his latest Grillin’ JR podcast, the AEW commentator gave his thoughts on the recent WWE firing of Eric Bischoff, admitting he wasn’t surprised.

The WWE Hall Of Famer admitted he wasn’t shocked at the firing, but was surprised by the timing, continuing that no job is safe in WWE:

“I was not surprised. The only thing I would consider being surprised by was the timeframe,” says The 2007 WWE Hall of Famer. “This whole scenario is set up for a succession process. Do you think that Bruce is safe? You think Bruce got a job, like a Supreme Court Justice, for life? Are you kidding? He don’t think that. I guarantee you don’t think that he knows that his time will come. It’s like football coaches. They get hired to be fired.”

He went on to state that Vince will have looked after Eric while firing him, but stated that nobody should get comfortable in a top WWE role:

“I think he got a nice little package walking away. Vince will take good care of you when he’s kicking you out the door. He’ll give you something to go home with you, put something in your bag to remember him by in the form of cash or some sort of payout and [Eric] deserves that.” Jim would say before continuing to speak on the temporary nature of office jobs in pro wrestling, “The bottom line was somebody took the fall. I didn’t think Vince put a bullet in Eric that quick, but all those guys that are in those top positions, none of them are gonna need to buy houses. They should be renting.”

H/T to Fightful.com for the transcriptions.

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