Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley shocked the world in the closing moments of Monday Night Raw this week, turning her back on Becky Lynch before wailing on The Man with a steel chair, all while Sasha Banks looked on in the corner.

Bayley arrived on Smackdown Live last night to explain her actions, but seemed somewhat… insincere, shall we say? The now so-called “Hugger” claimed that nothing has changed, and fans should have seen this coming as her alliance will always be with her best friend and former tag team partner.

Of course her and “The Boss” wasted zero time taking out their aggression on yet another former ally and bitter rival alike – the “Queen” herself, Charlotte Flair. Flair rushed the ring (in heels, might I add) and tried to take the fight to Bayley, but the double-team would ultimately be too much, and Charlotte was left in a heap after another beating from a steel chair.

Check out the damage below.

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