WWE legend, Christian recently spoke with The Sport Bible about the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble and why he enjoys the event and more.

On learning from WWE and transitioning into TV hosting:

“I was a pretty shy kid actually, I was terrified of being the kid who got picked in class to answer questions. I was that kid who was just scared to talk. When I stepped into wrestling I had that fear and if you ever want to tackle something you’re scared of then go after it. Don’t run away from it. That’s how you conquer that fear. Once I got out there I was so nervous talking in front of people, and there was cameras everywhere and you almost become a different person. There was so many reps and I gained this confidence and this comfort level. It’s just a confidence that I gained from all those years performing to different audiences. Every audience is different in every city, you never knew what reaction they were going to give to you so you had to be on your toes in terms of being able to change things verbally to get them to react the way you wanted them to. So in that sense on a thing like this where you never know what’s going to happen, my ability to think quickly on the fly helped a lot and I think it will help me a lot going forward in terms of hosting and things like that.”

Why he enjoys the Royal Rumble:

“I love the surprises, when the surprise entrants show up. Whenever Kofi Kingston is in the Rumble I always appreciate when he nearly gets eliminated and finds a way to land on the barricade or on a chair or the stairs or whatever it is. I always end up hoping Kofi gets thrown out so I can see how he gets himself out of being eliminated.”


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