WWE’s decision to bring back Halftime Heat has proven to be a good one as it has been confirmed that it was the most watched match in NXT history.

The match aired during the Super Bowl half time show on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter with the viewership reaching 86,190 on those platforms before it ended.

Both Ricochet and Tomasso Ciampa have commented on the fact it was the most viewed match in NXT history, in what is a fantastic achievement.

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#HalftimeHeat was the most watched match in NXT history.

The Champ and Goldy are best for business.

The Greatest Title Reign in NXT History continues this weekend. Day 196. Day 197. Day 198. Day 199. #NXTTomsRiver#NXTPoughkeepsie#NXTLowell#NXTKingston pic.twitter.com/GAQC3I9vPy

— BLACKHEART (@ProjectCiampa) February 7, 2019

It’s official, #HalftimeHeat is the most watched match in @WWENXT history.

We out here showing the world why #NXT is the best in the game! pic.twitter.com/gCBVQHCOqI

— The One And Only! (@KingRicochet) February 7, 2019

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