WWE recently touted Finn Bálor’s eight match winning streak ahead of The Royal Rumble. Those wins include one-on-one matches, Triple Threats and Fatal 4-Way’s.

All of this is obviously being done to bolster Finn’s star power heading into the Rumble on January 27. He is booked to face Brock Lesnar at that event for the WWE Universal Championship. It’s a match that many fans have wanted for quite a long time and now they’re finally getting it.

Of course whether or not Bálor will actually win, remains to be seen. He’s definitely got the ability to put on a great match with anyone on the roster, which is typically a prerequisite to becoming the top champion. But WWE has proven time and again that The Beast Incarnate is the man.

Brock is the one that the company wants as champion That was evident during Lesnar’s 504-day title reign. It was also evident after Roman Reigns left the company due to his health. It seemed as though WWE couldn’t wait to put  the title back on Brock, which is exactly what happened.

Finn was the first-ever Universal champion and he never technically lost the belt. He’s never waged war with Lesnar and Bálor has indeed heated up to the point where many fans believe this could be his time to shine. Whether or not that’s indeed true is anyone’s guess.

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